Video Age




Let’s face the facts; people don’t read as much as they used to. Libraries are empty, newspapers are taking a beating and blogging is somehow a source of news. I’m old enough to know the old school ways of no internet but young enough to have hopped onboard and been involved with the web since 1992. That’s right back in ’92 the web basically sucked cause it was some weird BBS dial-up business where you could chat and there was no browsers, pics and certainly no videos!


Enough about how wack the internet was because today it is pretty badass. Our way of gathering information has changed and everyone out there has something to offer. But what media is most effective? One of the emerging technologies for us is creating videos and broadcasting them on PAS TV, Streetfire and of course, YouTube. The video format allows for us to get our point across effectively by actually showing viewers how something works as opposed to describing it. And any details can be subtitled, some engaging background music and sound effects can be layered on top to keep attention as well.

But more importantly the video format encompasses moving pictures and sound. It is the closest we can bring you to experience what we do. Whether its an event, a performance product from the PAS Tech Vault or one of Garry Springgay’s industry leading reviews, we have the market covered. Although we know, these videos will never achieve the numbers that our behind the scenes model shoot videos do, we know that the enthusiast watching these videos WANT to know about the product. No one is going to sit through 2-3 minutes of tech babble is they aren’t considering buying that product. So the target audience is taking a hard look at what is filmed and listening to what is said.

As the screenwriter, producer, director, editor and star of the PAS Tech Vault videos, it is an interesting format to get my message across. Writing is one thing but with video, you can relay emotions and feelings about the products we all want to put on our cars. I’m excited about the progression of our video push moving forward. I’d like to become a better on-air personality and that is just going to take more practice. But more importantly, the sky is the limit in this area, we can do track tests, dyno runs or maybe some shenanigans on the street! There are a few video-zines out there who do a fantastic job that we’d like to model our format after.

Our PAS TV, Streetfire and YouTube channels are fairly new and we’ll continue to perfect what we post up there. It’s not an easy job considering the performance and audio reviews are one man operations. We know more is possible and with more interest, staff and support the team will grow and ideas will have enough resources to be brought to the surface.

I want to have a camera on our team all the time. I think our viewers would like to see all of the bananas activity that goes on day-to-day, at the shows and behind the wheel – I know I never get bored of watching it.

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