Auto Page C3-RS1100

Auto Page C3-RS1100
Although Auto Page introduced the first of their new “Heavy Metal” series remote starters last year, the recently released C3-RS1100 we previewed is intended to be their all-new flagship for 2010.

For those who thought the term Heavy Metal only referred to Metallica fans and head-banging rockers, think again. At Auto Page, Heavy Metal refers to their latest remote start and security system series featuring remote controls made with a real high-tech chrome metal finish (hence the heavy metal name).

The moment I picked up the remote control, I got it. It’s heavier than others I’ve held recently, as most aftermarket remotes are typically made of light plastic. The Auto Page C3-RS1100 also features a very nifty looking OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) the company claims adds 50% more viewing area with full motion animation.

Auto Page also claims the range of the new OLED remote is up to one mile! Imagine leaving
a football game when it’s really cold and you start your car long before you get to it. You not only start your car but also locate it among a sea of other cars when you lights start flashing, creating a dialogue with your car.

Cellular Car Communica_optThe advanced OLED remote created screen shots and animated graphics offer fun custom options. You can actually match the vehicle display type and the colour to your vehicle and the graphics are entertaining to watch. For example, when the system is armed, a protective cage graphic is pictured over the selected vehicle image.

Auto Page has packed a lot of great design features and technology into the new C3-RS1100 (think of it as the exotic super car of the Auto Page line). The C3-RS1100 also allows the C3 interface to be connected with most smart phones, GSM phones and GPRS phones allowing full compatibility with almost all cellular style phones on the market today via a Java Script app, a WAP app, or even through your Safari/Explorer internet browser.

Autopage’s impressive C3 technology features a cell phone-based vehicle communication system. It comes with integrated cellular and GPS tracking that provides the user with a cell phone interface remote commander for security, remote start and GPS tracking from anywhere in the world

With Auto Page C3’s simple intuitive icon based application, you can easily navigate through the features and functions of your remote start and vehicle security system from anywhere at anytime! Track, arm and start-up your vehicle from thousands of miles away, plus you can even get text alerts if your car alarm is triggered. Now that’s cool and convenient. The C3 is an all-in-one security solution, putting the power right in the palm of your hand.

The C3 can be installed either as a stand-alone tracking only solution, or integrated with any C3 compatible remote start and/or security system by Auto Page. An authorized Auto Page dealer near you can help determine which features are most important to you. Auto Page has a complete line of C3 compatible solutions to suit your security / remote start needs, all controlled through an intuitive smart phone interface or internet connected computer.

Although C3 is a subscription-based service, it offers three different service packages to meet your usage needs and budget. You can choose between 200, 400, or unlimited uses each month, all for one low annual fee. You just choose the plan that is right for you. To try an online C3 demonstration, just visit

So there you have it, a quick overview of the new Auto Page C3-RS1100 Heavy Metal series and C3 technology. If you’ve been searching for an advanced vehicle security and remote start solution packed with useful features, Auto Page might just have the solution you’ve been searching for.

For more information, visit

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