First Ever TREMEC Dual-Clutch Transmission Provides Lightning-Quick Shifts for New Shelby GT500

First Ever TREMEC Dual-Clutch Transmission Provides Lightning-Quick Shifts for New Shelby GT500

The heart of Shelby GT500 performance begins with a 700-plus-horsepower 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. It’s mated to an ultra-fast TREMEC 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and calibrated by Ford Performance with state-of-the-art drive mode technologies. As the most powerful production Mustang ever, the Shelby GT500 powertrain is the primary enabler for the ultimate performance that follows.

When it arrives this fall, the most powerful street-legal Ford vehicle in history is projected to post mid-three-second 0-60 mph times and sub-11-second quarter-mile times for the quickest acceleration ever in a road-going Mustang.

A hand-built double-overhead-cam engine shares the aluminum block, bore and stroke of the Shelby GT350’s, adding block and head structure, improved oil and cooling capacity, plus a cross-plane crank to support its higher horsepower.

Helping to deliver more than 700 horsepower is a 2.65-liter supercharger. A unique roots-type compressor features an inverted design with charged air output at the top for more compact packaging – one that allows for a larger air-to-liquid intercooler for consistent track performance.

“With its supercar-level powertrain, the all-new Shelby GT500 takes the sixth-generation Mustang to a performance level once reserved only for exotics,” said Hermann Salenbauch, global director, Ford Performance vehicle programs. “As a Mustang, it has to be attainable and punch above its weight. To that end, we’ve set a new standard among American performance cars with our most powerful street-legal V8 engine to date, plus the quickest-shifting transmission ever in a Mustang for all-out precision and speed.”

TREMEC 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

For enthusiasts who demand performance at the highest levels, automated manual transmissions are the domain of exotic supercars. Capable of shift transitions in less than one-tenth of a second, markedly faster than any manual gearbox, Shelby GT500’s computer-controlled TREMEC 7-speed dual-clutch transmission delivers the best of both worlds – high power and torque transfer plus smart powertrain controls. With this dual-clutch transmission, a whole new world of performance is at your fingertips – full automatic, semi-automatic paddle shift mode and full manual paddle shift.

In each mode, the new dual-clutch transmission markedly outperforms even the most skilled manual transmission drivers in every environment – street, drag strip or track. Leveraging years of racing and performance engine development, Shelby GT500 brings some of the industry’s best drive mode technologies to the car’s Track Apps that tick off seconds and capture driving data.

To channel power and torque to the unique carbon fiber driveshaft, Ford Performance leveraged learnings from the tuning of its Ford GT supercar’s dual-clutch transmission and selected the TREMEC® 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This dual-clutch transmission is designed for a number of drive modes, including normal, weather, sport, drag and track, and activates features like line-lock and launch control through selectable Track Apps.

“This is a watershed moment for us at TREMEC,” said Matt Memmer, TREMEC engineering director. “All systems and subsystems – including hardware such as low leak solenoids, to control systems and software to optimize the performance of the system – were internally developed for maximum performance.”

Featuring twin clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TREMEC DCT can transition from gear to gear with either imperceptible limousine-like shifts or the ferocity of an F1 machine.  “Our virtually dry clutch design marries the benefits of wet and dry clutch technologies into a hybrid design,” explains Antonio Herrera, TREMEC’s managing director.  “The result is shifts that are flawlessly tailored to the Shelby’s performance modes and respond brilliantly to inputs from the driver.”  Working side by side with Ford engineers, the TR-9070 integrates into the Shelby powertrain in a way that must experience to be appreciated.

The all new TREMEC DCT combines TREMEC’s years of experience in performance transmissions with cutting-edge design mechatronics and software to make the GT500 the most powerful Mustang ever built. “This new transmission represents a massive investment in terms of both dollars and man hours,” commented global business development director, Dave Hadley. “However the results have proven well worth the effort. The DCT is a masterpiece in transmission design and we’re honored to have played an instrumental role in Ford’s new Shelby GT500 program.”

On the dawn of its 55th anniversary, TREMEC rocks the muscle car ecosphere with the release of its all-new 7-speed DCT!

TREMEC TR 9070 7 Speed DCT Cut Away

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