Walk The Line: Farid Nurmohamed's 2003 Lexus IS300

Walk The Line: Farid Nurmohamed's 2003 Lexus IS300
Farid Nurmohamed’s Lexus IS300 is more than just a pretty face.

Back when he lived in Tanzania with his family, Farid Nurmohamed’s father was constantly building something. From a Land Cruiser, to a Nissan Patrol, to an old Datsun, he watched his father wrenching on vehicles over the years, and the passion was passed down to him over time. Now residing in Markham, Ontario, it has been years of Nurmohamed’s father watching him turn the wrenches passed down to him.

2021 PASMAG Lexus IS300 Farid Nurmohamed 002

Nurmohamed had always had a soft spot for Toyota’s Mk4 Supra - a soft spot that only grew fonder after the Fast & Furious franchise further propelled the Supra platform and its 2JZ into stardom. The combination of power potential and the built-in Toyota reliability was hard to resist. When he learned that the Lexus IS300 was also 2JZ-powered, he fell in love. The styling of the IS300, both inside and out, drew him in. “It had everything I wanted along with it being fun, and reliable,” he tells us. “It was a perfect daily to start with.”

With a love for show cars that can still put down power, Nurmohamed got started on his new project. He knew he wanted his IS300 to be truly one of a kind, while blending the best parts of show car style and track car style in harmony. The car went through numerous iterations before it got to the form you see here, but the years of changing things up all become worth it when you see the end results.

2021 PASMAG Lexus IS300 Farid Nurmohamed 007

For show style, a variety of exterior options were employed. Rocket Bunny custom fenders, Ascura Garage rear widebody, a Voltex Cyber Evo front bumper conversion, and a Seibon Carbon Evo-style carbon fiber hood are among the most obvious features. JDM dark chrome Altezza tail lights sit beneath the Voltex Type 5 GT wing and a TRD roof spoiler, and Hipposleek side skirts bridge the gap between the heavily altered front and rear ends. The whole package is wrapped in Inozetek’s Midnight Red vinyl - the first of its kind in Canada - and the entire car sits on the ground at the push of a button thanks to an Air Lift Performance 3P air suspension system.

2021 PASMAG Lexus IS300 Farid Nurmohamed 009

The track and performance side of Nurmohamed’s styling cues come courtesy of what he calls the “meaty stance” of drag cars. SSR SP5 wheels, measuring 18x11.5 and 18x13 in the front and rear respectively, are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires, filling out the wheel wells in a menacing fashion. Stopping the car at speed is a set of Neo Motorsport 6-piston brake calipers in the front and rear, biting down on some C-cut rotors. The canards up front and the previously mentioned wing go a long way in setting an aggressive tone from afar, but the performance looks of this IS300 are not just for show, either. After all, Nurmohamed did pick this car up for its 2JZ.

2021 PASMAG Lexus IS300 Farid Nurmohamed 023

The 2JZ that comes from the factory in the IS300 is not quite the same as the one that has been made famous by the Mk4 Supra. No problem - he just swapped in a TT version instead. Once Boost Theory got him a custom manifold to fit the turbo side in the IS300 engine bay, the 2JZ-GTE he swapped in was the perfect candidate for some upgrades. Garrett GTX2860R twin-turbos, Brian Crower staggered cams, Tial MVR 44mm external wastegates, and improvements to the fuel delivery system helped bump power to a healthy 462 whp and 340 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. The engine bay also looks the part thanks to carbon fiber and titanium in liberal doses. The best of both worlds.

Inside the car, the overall show-worthiness is maintained through quality parts and cohesive styling choices. Bride Brix II seats hold driver and passenger firmly and comfortably in place, and a Momo Tuner steering wheel is just right for handling the car’s maneuvers. A custom 55mm triple gauge pod is host to some Defi gauges, which go well with the Altezza digital cluster that Nurmohamed swapped in.

2021 PASMAG Lexus IS300 Farid Nurmohamed 034

With everything coming together as he imagined, Nurmohamed reflects on the car’s driving experience. “I love the way the IS300 drives, especially with the twins,” he says. “I have no turbo lag and the power is almost instant in a linear way. All I can say is that it always gives me a smile whenever I drive it!” With his goal of a truly unique build accomplished, Nurmohamed has his sights set even higher for the future. He tells us he has plans to keep building for power until he’s in the 1,000-plus club, and that’s going to require some work. We can’t wait to see the results! 

As featured in PASMAG Issue 166. Click Here to order.

Photography by Christopher James (@itschristopherjames)


Owner: Farid Nurmohamed
Vehicle: 2003 Lexus IS300
Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Engine: Toyota 2JZ-GTE Twin-Turbo I6
Horsepower: 462 whp
Torque: 340 ft-lb
Club: NextLevel


Facebook: /farid.nurmohamed
Instagram: @farid.nurmohamed


  • Toyota (2JZ-GTE engine swap, Supra TT head gasket, Supra TT 550cc injectors)
  • GatesRacing timing belt
  • BC (valve springs, retainers)
  • Brian Crower (BC264 intake, BC272 exhaust VVTi staggered cams)
  • Tomei adjustable exhaust cam gear
  • Custom twin-turbo V-band exhaust manifold
  • Garrett GTX2860R turbochargers
  • Tial MVR 44mm external wastegates (2)
  • VIbrant Performance (titanium piping, HD clamps)
  • Polished (turbochargers, valve cover)
  • Carbon fiber (engine cover, radiator cooling plate)
  • Mishimoto (4-inch intercooler, radiator)
  • Tial Q50 BOV
  • Custom catch can
  • Hard coolant pipe
  • Aeromotive Stealth 340LPH fuel pump
  • Haltech Elite 2000 ECU
  • Boomslang plug-n-play harness
  • TRD oil cap


  • 3-inch downpipes
  • Custom 3.5-inch (mid-pipe, exhaust system)
  • Vibrant Performance 3.5-inch muffler


  • SPEC Stage 2 clutch
  • Fidanza lightweight flywheel


  • SSR SP5 wheels - 18x11.5 (f) 18x13 (r)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tires - 255/35/18 (f), 295/30/18 (r)
  • Rays Duralamin lug nuts
  • Neo Motorsport 6-piston calipers
  • C-cut brake rotors
  • StopTech stainless steel braided brake lines
  • ChaseBays ABS delete and brake line relocation


  • Air Lift Performance air suspension system w/ 3P management
  • Dual compressors w/ custom hardlines
  • Hotchkiss sway bars
  • Tanabe front and rear underbraces
  • Megan (front and rear upper strut bars, rear toe/track link)
  • TC Sportline rear upper camber control arms
  • SPC front upper camber ball joints
  • Figs lower mega arms


  • Inozetek Midnight Red vinyl wrap
  • Rocket Bunny custom front fender flares
  • Ascura Garage rear widebody kit
  • TRD (banner, carbon trunk plate garnish)
  • Voltex (Cyber Evo front bumper conversion, Type 5 GT wing)
  • Monster Service (rear window louvres, side flares, vents, side splitters)
  • Altezza (dark chrome grille, visors)
  • Seibon Carbon (Evo-style vented hood, Evo-style roof spoiler)
  • JDM (dark chrome tail lights, yellow fog lights, plate relocator)
  • Hella Supertones
  • Hipposleek side skirts
  • JDL rear bumper
  • Lexus LS430 headlight projector retrofit w/ black housings
  • Philips Ultinon 6000k D2 HID upgrade
  • Prolex performance undertray
  • 15% window tint


  • Bride Brix 2 leather seats
  • TRD Altezza SXE10 seat rails
  • Takata harnesses
  • Braum rollbar
  • Altezza digital cluster
  • Momo Tuner steering wheel
  • NRG (hub, quick-release)
  • BLOX weighted shift knob
  • Custom 55mm STI triple gauge pod
  • Defi gauges (boost, oil pressure, oil temp)
  • AEM Performance Electronics UEGO wideband gauge
  • Ralco RZ short shifter
  • LED interior lighting


  • Kenwood DX470 DVD head unit
  • DB Drive (2000 W monoblock amplifier, 12-inch subwoofers (2) 10 Farad capacitor, 0-gauge amplifier install wiring kit)
  • Bassworx custom enclosure


  • Vibrant Performance
  • Monster Service
  • Ascura Garage
  • Optimum Wraps
  • JRP
  • SqueakyCleanAir
  • NEO Motorsport


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