Maxxsonics USA Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Maxxsonics USA Celebrates 20th Anniversary
September 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of Maxxsonics USA.

Libertyville, IL – Founded in 2001 by a handful of consumer/mobile electronics veterans, Maxxsonics USA has grown into a flourishing culture, following, and lifestyle featuring car enthusiasts individuals inspired by audio that crave installations in every machine and vehicle with superior sound. Now with a fully dedicated team who live and breathe that same passion for audio in all of the products they design, Maxxsonics USA continues to pave the way in possibilities for what audio can sound like when pushed to the limit in any machine or vehicle, no matter the installation size.

Starting as a “mobile-only” business and expanding horizons into Marine, then UTV and Off-road, there are now many different product offerings for many selections of machines or vehicles. From MB Quart Nautic speakers for every on-the-water boat adventure to Hifonics ALPHA amplifiers that are so compact in size that fit in nearly any vehicle space, Maxxsonics USA has created products that offer possibilities in any scenario, wherever the adventure may lead.

On the 20-year company journey, Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics USA, commented, “From starting as a “mobile-only” business and expanding into explosive growth in the Powersports industry with MB Quart and Hifonics being OEM for Polaris and Kawasaki, I am honored and excited to see the Maxxsonics USA story and trajectory unfold in such a short period. From the expansive product offerings across the entire family of audio brands to the ever-growing company size including, the opening of an entirely new facility in Arizona – Maxxsonics USA is a testament of audio dedication, brand loyalty, and expanding horizons into what the future may hold.” With product offerings growing throughout the decades in nearly every aspect of travel and lifestyle, so has the staff and company size. Over the last two decades, Maxxsonics USA has grown from a small, single-digit employee-size company to a larger middle-size company that has now expanded into Arizona.

In 2001, Maxxsonics USA started as a small office building in Lake Zurich, IL, and then moved to a larger building while remaining in the same northwest suburb Chicago. A few years ago, Maxxsonics USA moved to an even larger office building with an expansive warehouse facility in Libertyville, IL. This past year Maxxsonics USA even opened its doors to an ALL-NEW Arizona facility to focus and improve R&D, model-making, and environmental testing capabilities.

A growing product selection and ongoing presence at events and trade shows have increased visibility and popularity across the entire family of audio brands, which now include MB Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, and Autotek. From Jeep Beach to Sand Sports Super Show, SEMA, to Overland Expo, Maxxsonics USA continues to expand awareness and exposure of the newest products and offerings where the industry and lifestyle demands.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing, also commented, “I have been with Maxxsonics for almost 75% of the companies existence, and I am extremely proud of all that we have been able to accomplish. Under Alden’s leadership, we have steadily grown into a leading supplier in a very competitive market. 20, greatly successful years is the result of our team’s efforts to push the envelope and improve on what we all do every day. It is that dedication from our team that gives me an immense sense of pride to work at Maxxsonics.” A crucial milestone has been the growing partnership and collaboration with OEM suppliers that include Polaris, Kawasaki, and CFMOTO. With these well-known and high-tier brands, Maxxsonics USA has developed, collaborated, and brought to fruition audio kits for multiple vehicle lineups that include the Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR, Honda Talon, and Kawasaki KRX. With these ongoing partnerships and room for more in the future, Maxxsonics USA continues to push horizons in every corner of machine and vehicle.

Adding to the rapid growth of Maxxsonics USA and a reflection of the last 20 years, Sherri Sawyer, Vice President of Finance & CFO, known as Employee #1, who helped start and build the company up for what it has grown into today, mentioned, “To be apart of this family company from the first day and to see what it’s grown into is truly special. From the rapid growth of variety in product selections to the simultaneous increase in employee size, Maxxsonics has turned into an audio beacon for car enthusiasts, music lovers, and everything in between. I’m so happy to continue to be a part of the rich history and evolving Maxxsonics story.” Over the last two decades, Maxxsonics USA has continued to define the standard in audio and push the possibility of innovation with products for any occasion and need. In 2021, Hifonics launched the ALL-NEW ZEUS Theta amplifier line that was crafted and designed specifically in remembrance of Mr. Tremendous, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ted Henricks. These special amplifiers capture the pulse of Hifonics and the inspiration that Ted left on Hifonics as a brand and Maxxsonics as a company. ZEUS Theta amplifiers carried on Ted’s mission of perfecting customer service towards others with 110% high-quality audio, as Ted brought to his job at Maxxsonics every single day.

For every off-road adventure that turns into a canyon of darkness, there are Autotek LED Round Lights to shine brightness upon the unknown, and for any narrow forest mountain trail that demands concert levels of sound, there are MB Quart Universal Overhead Systems that will project music that will be heard from miles away. From milestone innovations like affordable Class-D to illumination on speakers and amplifiers and the newly announced Jeep Tuned Audio Kits for Jeep Wrangler (JL)/Gladiator (JT) vehicles – across the entire family of audio brands, Maxxsonics USA keeps pushing the boundaries for creation and innovation with products and solutions for every adventure and calling.

Here’s to an incredible 20th anniversary while it’s time to turn the page toward the horizons of the future on what tomorrow will bring.

For more details on Maxxsonics USA or the entire family of audio brands, visit the website at

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