Mosconi D2 80.6 Amplifier Review

Mosconi D2 80.6 Amplifier Review
For those who prefer to take a no compromise approach to their car audio system and insist on performance and professional tuning capabilities, you need look no further than the new Mosconi D2 series of amplifiers. Specifically in this case, the fantastic Mosconi D2 80.6 six-channel amplifier with on-board DSP.

Packed with ultra high technology and premium grade parts, the D2 80.6 is also power-packed with six channels of amplification capable of 80 watts per channel at four ohms, or 100 watts per channel at two ohms. If that doesn’t sound too incredible, consider this: the Mosconi D2 80.6 measures only 7.9 x 5.7 x 1.6 inches! This makes it one of the highest power density amplifiers we have ever tested, and its tiny size is only part of the allure. With six channels of amplification and full on-board DSP tuning capabilities, this amplifier is a viable solution for almost any audiophile.

Mosconi D2 806 Amplifier Test Report Tech Data Measured Performance chart


The Mosconi D2 80.6 is an ideal amplifier to use as an upgrade to an OEM system. The amplifier can be used in six-, five- or three-channel modes, as each pair of channels is also bridgeable. Four channels can be used to drive front and rear speakers while the remaining two channels can be bridged to subwoofers. Further complementing the OEM application is the amplifier’s ability to be turned on and off via the autosense circuit using either DC off set or actual musical signal to control the amp, eliminating the need for a dedicated remote on wire.

All of the controls and connections are found on one side of the amp to make installations clean and tidy. The D2 80.6 can accept either high- or low-level input signals or, if you have the correct output, you can take advantage of the optical input and output SP-DIF connections. The amp will accept eight-gauge power cables and the speaker outputs are on a Molex plug with pigtails, sort of like a head unit.

Apart from the typical Mosconi build quality and attention to detail, what really makes this amplifier special is the vast DSP tuning ability that is built-in. There are simply too many functionality and variable possibilities to go into full detail about everything, but I will list the various functions available and provide a screenshot of that adjustment in the software.

And if all that still isn’t enough, the D2 80.6 can be equipped with an MOS-BTS Bluetooth module to permit streaming audio directly to the amplifier. The MOS-BTS module supports A2DP and will play back AAC, MP3, PCM, FLAC and even WAVE files. The amplifier is also compatible with the Mosconi RCD remote controller allowing control of sub volume, presets, balance and fader.


For my auditioning of the D2 80.6 I use the amplifier to drive two pairs of components and a single 12-inch subwoofer. The incredible capabilities of the DSP tuning make it easy to get the setup I want, but I have to admit to just playing with things for a while because it is fun to compare the sonic differences in things like crossover slopes and various alignments. When I finally get down to some serious listening, the diminutive amplifier certainly doesn’t disappoint, providing authoritative power and superb sound quality. I listen to my usual eclectic variety of music and find the Mosconi amplifier always up to the task.

Each channel has a signal delay capability and measurements are given in time as well as centimeters and inches. Channels can also be grouped in this mode.Each channel has a signal delay capability and measurements are given in time as well as centimeters and inches. Channels can also be grouped in this mode.Each channel has a phase inversion function, and again, multiple channels can be grouped.

As I usually do, I write down my thoughts as I listen to the various songs on my playlist. On the paper are the following comments:

• More powerful sounding than expected.

• Fun to play with.

• Natural sounding top end, not at all brittle or hard sounding.

• Surprising bass performance on a single subwoofer, with good control.

• Runs warm, but not overly hot.

• Sonically very pleasant, sounds exceptionally

good for Class D with this much DSP functionality.

Yes, I like it quite a bit.

Mosconi D2 806 Amplifier Test Report Amplifier 4 Ohm Power vs THDNMosconi D2 806 Amplifier Test Report DS 80 6 Amplifier 2 Ohm Power vs THDN


The next day, I move the Mosconi into the test lab and connect it to my measurement equipment. As I expect from my listening session, the amp measures very well, and meets its published performance specifications, but does not exceed them significantly.

Input channels can be mixed together as desired to feed the outputs. This allows you to combine input channels of differing frequencies and blend them as desired.The input signal can be EQ’d independently to compensate for OEM equalization.
A 30-band fully parametric equalizer is available for each pair of channels. The tuning capabilities are mind boggling.Crossovers can be configured for virtually any possible type, alignment and frequency


The Mosconi D2 80.6 is a very special amplifier that has capabilities far beyond the typical car stereo amplifier. It is built with sonic performance as the focus, but includes more than enough tuning functionality to sell itself on that alone. Mosconi products typically appeal to people who demand top quality and exclusivity and are willing to pay for it. With a suggested retail price of USD $1,599 the D2 80.6 continues that tradition.

Mosconi D2 806 Amplifier Test Report D2806DSP 1Mosconi D2 806 Amplifier Test Report D2806DSP 2

For more information on the Mosconi D2 80.6 amplifier, go to or on Facebook.

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