PASMAG Unboxing: Vossen HF5 Wheels

This week's hot new product comes courtesy of Vossen and this is their new Hybrid Forged Wheel. This is specifically for an in-house Tesla owned by one of our designers, Queue Gonzales - PASMAG's Creative Director. This specific wheel is Vossen's HF5 20x9 with +32 offset, and is Vossen's all-new hybrid forged series which utilizes flow forming to increase tensile strength while also reducing weight. So, it's kind of the best of both worlds.

For something that's 20 inches it's not that heavy. So this is just a a good example of what the flow forming process is doing for a wheel. All in all, the HF5 wheels is very pretty. I really like the divided spokes; you can see all the lightweight milling. On the back, you get a little information about the wheel on a sticker in the barrel, including a seal of approval from Vossen.

These specific wheels are 5x114 for the Tesla Model Y. Vossen's all new hybrid forged wheel, the HF5 is derived from its forged counterpart, the S2101 with pocketed spokes and an aggressive Y pattern. The HF5 is available in two standard finishes - matte gunmetal and gloss black - as well their in-house custom finishes which includes satin silver, anthracite, satin black, satin bronze and gloss black.

The robotic custom HF program allows for personalized fitments and bolt patterns specific to most five lug vehicle makes or models. So while this may be 5x114.3 you can see that it does have the integrated design of five bolt holes and they can make any five lug pretty much work for this wheel.

You can get this wheel as small as a 19-inch but it goes all the way to 24-inch wheels. It can be as narrow as 8.5-inches and as wide as 12-inches. So this can be a big wheel. Even the smallest is still pretty big at 19x8.5.

A nice thing about Vossen is you can customize your center caps as well. Our Creative Director, Queue went for the standard one so it's going to match the face of the wheel. You can do all sorts of custom colors with all of their finishes, as well as custom finishes for a little extra.

All in, Vossen HF5 is a nice wheel - it has a really nice design - and I can't wait to see what this looks like on a Tesla Model Y.

If you are looking for some Vossen Hybrid Forged Wheels or any Vossen products, head over  to If you're in Canada, you can source this via Johnson Research and Performance at

As seen on PASMAG's Tuning 365 (Season 3 Episode 9) on REV TV.

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