World Finals Soundfest Champion: Paul Adams' 2008 Lexus GS460

World Finals Soundfest Champion: Paul Adams' 2008 Lexus GS460

Paul Adams has always had a thing for big body reliable sedans, and had already built a Lexus GS300 before he started his 2008 Lexus GS460 build. Having been around the car audio scene since the late 1990s, it was only natural progression that the GS460 ended up with a quality audio system.

With an emphasis on a stealth install that maintained his vehicle’s practicality, the system is damn near invisible from inside the cabin. Today, he competes in MECA’s Street Class.

01 Paul Adams 2008 Lexus GS460 MECA pasmag builds to follow


Owner: Paul Adams
Location: Harbor City, CA
Vehicle: 2008 Lexus GS460
Club: True TRU Technology
Competition: MECA


Instagram: @palldat


  • Niche Targa Amethyst wheels - 20-inch
  • Toyo Proxes 4 Plus - 235/35/20 (f), 275/30/20 (r)


  • HKS Hipermax IV coilovers


  • 6K HID headlight bulbs
  • LED fog lights


  • Apple (iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone XS Max)
  • HiBy R6 Pro DAP
  • Samsung Note4
  • Alpine PXE-0850s DSP
  • TRU Technology (custom 4-channel class-A line amplifier, custom 8-channel line amplifier)
  • Audio Development (MM1 tweeters, custom 2-way passive rear fill)
  • ESA Bass 3-inch mid-range speakers
  • W600 mid-bass
  • Vipera 15-inch subwoofer
  • Bespoke Mobile Audio custom cables and interconnects


  • LEXService
  • TRU Technology
  • Bespoke Mobile Audio


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