Midnight Assassin: Daniel Louie's 2005 Subaru Impreza STi

Midnight Assassin: Daniel Louie's 2005 Subaru Impreza STi

Photography by Jacob Leveton.

The origins of the assassin come from the ancient Arabic world to describe a secret sect dedicated to disrupt the establishment. From high atop a remote mountain fortress, they would plot to ‘remove’ political figures or anyone who opposed them. In what was known as modern day Tehran, Iran this ban of methodical murderers sniped out key figures as far away as Syria. The origins of the word assassin itself is a weird one, it came from their chronic use of the drug hashish. The Arabic word for hashish is hashshāshin which was used commonly to refer to the group. And when the Christian Crusaders came, they modified the word for their own use to describe these blazed-up killers to the word: assassin.

22 Daniel Louie 2005 Subaru Impreza STi pasmag

So the word is fitting when used in a context to describe a person or even and object that is bent on taking the next guy out to stay on top. When used in this example, it is fitting since, it is another Team Hybrid vehicle that is going head-t-head against some real competition in the SoCal area. Owner Daniel Louie has put together a sinister package, one that will subtly sneak up on you and take you out in the middle of the night with a silencer.

01 Daniel Louie 2005 Subaru Impreza STi pasmag

Louie’s midnight black STi has been stripped down to keep it under the radar while patrolling the streets. Under the lid, the car has enough to get around lesser vehicles with ease. Air is hauled in with an ARC intake and chilled post-turbo compression with an ARC front mount. Connected with a network of polished piping the charge air is vented with an HKS SSQV BOV when the butterfly slams shut. Gases are expelled into a Tomei Xpreme manifold and up-pipe and Cusco downpipe. From there they connect to a Fujitsubo Super Legalis R JDM Spec exhaust for a throaty yet, dB legal note. The tune is courtesy of Mike at GST Motorsports using the Cobb Access Port 2.

20 Daniel Louie 2005 Subaru Impreza STi pasmag

Like any STi, there is a lot of handling to be had from its rigid AWD chassis than the factory provides. Louie ditched the factory dampers in favor of TEIN’s dynamic Flex Coilovers. The body roll is deal with by a Cusco 22mm rear sway bar and Whiteline adjustable spherical end-links. The chassis is cinched up with Carbing strut bar and camber is dialed in with the Ingalls Rear camber bolt. With the factory Brembos, more than up to standards, Louie concentrated on the shoes to keep it under control. A set of 18x9-inch Advan Racing RS wheels in brilliant gold are shod in BFGoodrich 235/40R18 KDW/TA 2 tires.

18 Daniel Louie 2005 Subaru Impreza STi pasmag

Outside the look is understated, yet purposeful. Louie’s STi is still street driven. The most dramatic move was removing the trademark STi wing and replacing the trunk. The silhouette is now more neutral and blends in with the LA traffic seamlessly. With the slicktop Varis carbon fiber trunk, the appearance is amped up with a Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser. A pair of Voltex sideskirts have also been added along with a Cusco front lip spoiler. The rear fenders have been gently rolled and pulled to accommodate the 235s with a more aggressive offset. Step inside Louie’s project and you’ll find familiar components that work well together. The driver is cradled in a Bried Lo Max bucket with a 4-point Takata harness. On the passenger side, there is a gradient patterned Bride Brix II to allow access to the back seat. The gradient was carried on to the rear seats and door panels to complete the vibe. A Team Orange quick-release and Splash short hub are connected to a Nardi Orido steering wheel. Selected engine vitals are displayed Defi: boost, EGT and oil pressure sunk into a Defi gauge pod upfront and center. Providing the soundtrack is an Alpine CDA-9507 head unit feeding Alpine components, an Alpine MRP-650 and two 10-inch Type S subs.

As one of the more understated members in the Team Hybrid stable, Louie’s STi may not draw the attention the others do. However, the project is clean, well-built and gets it done. A build that is as at home on the showfloor as it is on the 405 freeway – the way it should be.

21 Daniel Louie 2005 Subaru Impreza STi pasmag


Owner: Daniel Louie
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Impreza STi
Engine: Subaru 2.5L EJ25 boxer-4
Club: Team Hybrid


  • ARC Intake
  • ARC Titanium Pulley Cover
  • ARC Oil Cap
  • ARC Radiator Cap
  • ARC Front Mount Intercooler
  • ARC Polished Intercooler Piping
  • Samco Intercooler Hoses
  • HKS SSQV Blow Off valve
  • Carbing Aluminum Radiator Cooling Panel
  • Tein Hood Dampers
  • Cusco JDM Spec Downpipe
  • Fujitsubo Super Legalis R JDM Spec Exhaust
  • Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold
  • Tomei Expreme Up-Pipe
  • Tomei Timing Belt
  • Tomei Timing Belt Guide
  • CyberSpeed Hyper Voltage Kit
  • Walbro Fuel Pump 255lph
  • Greddy Oil Sandwich Adapter


  • Cobb Access Port 2
  • Stage 2 tune by Mike @ GST


  • Kartboy Short Throw Shifter
  • Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings


  • Advan Racing RS wheels - 18x9-inch
  • BFGoodrich KDW/TA 2 tires - 235/40R18


  • Tein Flex Coilovers
  • Cusco 22mm Rear Sway Bar
  • Whiteline Adjustable Spherical Endlinks
  • Carbing Strut Bar with MBC Stopper
  • Ingalls Rear Camber Bolt


  • Cusco Front Lip Spoiler
  • Varis Full Carbon Fiber Trunk
  • Voltex Side Skirts
  • Voltex Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Custom Grill
  • Rolled & Pulled Rear Fenders


  • ARC Titanium Shiftknob
  • Bride Vios III Lo-Max System
  • Bride Brix II
  • Bride Seat Rails
  • Bride Hyper Black Rear Seats
  • Bride Hyper Black Door Panels
  • Takata 4-point Harnessed
  • Takata Eye Bolts
  • Team Orange Quick Release Rapfix II
  • Splash Short Hub
  • Nardi Limited Orido Steering wheel
  • Nardi special horn cap
  • Defi Gauge Pod
  • Defi Gauge Link
  • Defi EGT Gauge
  • Defi Boost Gauge
  • Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Defi-link Panel
  • JDM Red Hazard Button
  • HKS Turbo Timer


  • Alpine CDA-9507 Head Unit
  • Alpine MRP-650 Amplifier
  • Alpine 10-inch Type S Subwoofers x2
  • Custom Carpeted Fiberglass Subwoofer Box

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