Drift Ride Along in the SEMA 2022 Bronze Lot: OPTIMA Batteries

Hot New Products: AGM H5 size batteries for European sports cars + Lithium battery line.

We got a breakdown of what OPTIMA Batteries was doing with their huge section at SEMA 2022 thanks to Cam Douglass, Director of Marketing. OPTIMA Unleashed is their showcase that took over the Bronze Lot at the LVCC, and brought chaos to that lot. Tanner Foust, Chris Forsberg, Lauren Healy, Vaughn Gittin and the RTR crew, and more were putting on a show and giving high octane ride-alongs to attendees. Shoutout to Forsberg for giving our Editor, Adam Gordon, a ride in the Altimaniac!

OPTIMA was also showcasing things from a new product standpoint, for the first time in a long time. Smaller AGM batteries for European models in H5 sizing, made smaller and lighter for the sport compact options, are a big push this year. Additionally, their biggest news is the brand’s launch into Lithium batteries, with six different sizes and a focus on the powersports market - but capable of so much more, including powering Tanner Foust’s drift taxi, and powering accessories on the Rivian vehicles in their booth!

For more information on OPTIMA Batteries, visit @optimabatteries and www.optimabatteries.com.

Video footage from Mikey Dand (@photo_md)

As seen on PASMAG's Tuning 365 TV Show (Season 3 Episode 16) on REV TV.

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