Headlight Savings Time: Why Brighter is Better

Headlight Savings Time: Why Brighter is Better
Sylvania Automotive’s Headlight Savings Time™ campaign highlights headlight safety.

The end of daylight savings time marks the start of longer, darker nights. That means many of us will spend more time over the next few months driving in the dark, relying on our headlights to light the way. Are your headlights up to the task?

If you have older halogen headlight bulbs, they may not be. That’s a safety concern. Halogen headlight bulbs actually dim over time – up to 20-30%. As halogen bulbs age, the glass walls haze, blocking some of the light. Also, the filaments become faceted and thin in some places, leading to irregular light distribution.

Unfortunately, most drivers are unaware of this fact, not realizing they need to replace bulbs before they wear out. Or, drivers will only replace one bulb, even though the other bulb is most likely the same age and already worn, creating an uneven field of vision. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t remember the last time you replaced your headlights, it’s probably time.

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“As the leading headlight manufacturer in North America, educating drivers about headlight safety is important to us. Tires, brakes, and wipers are synonymous with driver safety, but headlights and headlight replacement need to be part of the safety conversation,” said Joe Verbanic, Managing Director of Sylvania Automotive. “Your headlights are the most important safety device when driving at night. If you can’t see what’s on the road ahead of you, your tires and brakes can’t be used effectively.”

Verbanic added, “during the day, your vision is limited by just your eyesight. But at night, your headlights define your field of vision. You can’t react to what you don’t see, which means better headlights lead to safer driving.”

A 20-30% dimming of your headlights means less light on the road and makes a huge difference at night, especially when traveling on dark roads with minimal overhead lighting. A recent AAA study found that over 80% of the vehicles on the road have halogen headlights, and that these lights may fail to safely illuminate dark roads at speeds as low as 40 miles per hour.

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When it comes to replacing your headlight bulbs, you have options. Not all halogen headlight bulbs are created equal. Most halogen headlights that come with new cars are basic level bulbs. They’re ok. They meet minimum requirements. Upgraded bulbs go far beyond basic bulbs to offer brighter, whiter light, and farther downroad visibility.

So, with the end of Daylight Savings Time, it’s time to think about your headlights. Headlights are your first line of defense. To stay safe, make sure yours are providing the best protection. For more information, visit https://headlightsavingstime.com.

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