OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel

OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel

Designed by the same engineers who craft OZ competition wheels, ARES production begins with a forged billet to which the exclusive OZ HLT technology is applied – combined, these two technologies imbue Ares with the qualities of light weight and mechanical resistance and strength that add up to extremely high performance. Use of the same 5-axis mills employed in creating racing wheels pushes the technology to the max and ensures record-setting lightness.The thin, straight, sculpted spokes and undercut translate to extremely high mechanical performance and at the same time, a considerable reduction in weight.But the real Ares difference lies in their extreme concavity, thoroughly in keeping with the latest automotive aesthetics. The ARES profile can be customized in three versions: STANDARD, CONCAVE and DEEP CONCAVE. Aficionados can choose the profile best suited to their vehicle.The ARES applications are all designed to create a more aggressive look, with optimized OFFSET to improve on the original trim.


  • Model: Monoblock
  • Design: Multispokes
  • Production process: Forged + HLT
  • Material: EN-AW 6082
  • Offset range: Personalized
  • Diamater range: 20-21
  • Width range: 9-11.5
  • Holes: 5
  • Profiles: Flat, Concave, Deep Concave
  • Colors range: 17

For more information, visit www.ozracing.com.

02 OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel pasmag

03 OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel pasmag

04 OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel pasmag

05 OZ Racing Ares Monoblock Wheel pasmag

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