Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit: Smart Spair Plus

Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit: Smart Spair Plus

San Luis Obispo, CA (July 2020) – Slime, the nation’s leader in tire repair technology, is pleased to announce that it has extended its lineup of Flat Tire Repair Kits with the addition of the new Smart Spair Plus.

“We’ve taken our most popular flat tire repair kit, the Smart Spair, and given it an upgrade! The fact that you don’t have to remove the valve core when using the Smart Spair Plus really simplifies emergency flat tire repair, getting you off the side of the road and back to safety quickly,” said Chad Ellman, Marketing Manager. “Now you can completely eliminate the hassle and drudgery of changing a tire.”

One in three new cars don’t come with a spare tire, they come with a flat tire repair kit. This has driven tire repair kit adoption in the United States to grow at a rapid rate, and reinforced Slime’s disruption into traditional tire repair with these new repair options. No longer do drivers need to struggle with a spare tire, or wait for roadside assistance. The new Smart Spair Plus repairs an emergency flat in just 12 minutes with two simple steps:

First, connect the tire inflator to the repair sealant bottle. Then attach the sealant bottle to the tire and turn it on! No jacks, no mess, no hassle. And because the Smart Spair Plus features Thru-Core Technology, you no longer need to remove the valve core to repair your tire. The Smart Spair Plus flat tire repair kit is for compact or standard tires and fits easily in a trunk. Sealant bottle refills are available.

Smart Spair Plus features and specs:

The Smart Spair Plus repair kit contains two distinct elements: Inflator and repair sealant

Tire Inflator:

  • 12-minute inflation time for standard tires
  • Built in tire pressure dial gauge (0-100 psi)
  • 12V accessory car power
  • On/off switch
  • Bright LED light for nighttime emergencies
  • Air hose features quick connect head

14 oz Emergency Tire Sealant:

  • Instantly seals up to 1/4" (6mm) punctures
  • Features Thru-Core Technology (no need to remove the valve core!)
  • Special pressurized design allows tire inflator to push air through the bottle and into the tire
  • Approved by leading automakers
  • No jack required
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-corrosive, making it safe for finished metal wheels
  • Tire sensor safe
  • Convenient zippered case to store repair kit
  • Can repair tires repeatedly with additional sealant refill cartridges

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