Intake Buyer's Guide - 2011


Takeda USA Short Ram Intake for Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

Takeda USA has released the Takeda Retain ShortRam sealed intake for the 2009-11 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS L4-2.4L (part number TR-4203P). The Takeda Retain Short Ram sealed air intake mounts to the factory intake box increasing air volume and improving air velocity for increased horsepower, torque and improved throttle response. TR-4203P utilizes a specially designed 1-piece clear coat anodized polished aluminum intake tube to guide the air into the motor and provide an aggressive style. Takeda air intakes use the brand new Pro Dry S filter from aFe, which uses a progressive synthetic media, requiring no oil to recharge for maximum convenience and filtration. The Pro Dry S filter is 99.2% efficient so it prevents dirt and debris from entering the motor. All Takeda air intake systems come complete with polished aluminum tube(s), Pro Dry S performance air filters, urethane couplers, clamps and all hardware necessary for a simple installation. In recent testing, part number TR-4203P produced an astonishing 20hp and 20lb-ft. of torque.

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JGYCustoms Pro-Sport SR20 Intake Manifold

From many years of building and testing FWD SR20 engines, JGYCustoms has learned that the factory intake manifolds leave much to be desired. That’s why they’ve designed the Pro-Sport intake manifold for high-port SR20 engines. It’s a needed upgrade when performing high-boost applications or just looking to make peak power on an NA motor. The JGYCustoms Pro-Sport intake manifolds are made completely out of aluminum and include all boost and vacuum fittings. JGY also designs their manifolds to accept any throttle body the customer chooses. The manifolds feature large port-matched equal length runners to optimize power and flow efficiency. All of JGY’s Pro-sport manifolds are made to accept the factory style fuel rail or any aftermarket one. These are designed for the full time racer but great for the budget hobbyist as well.

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AEM Intakes Cold Air Intake for Acura TSX

For the 2009-10 Acura TSX 2.4L, AEM introduces a cold air intake system in Gunmetal Grey. Specifically designed to boost power and acceleration, this new cold air system uses a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube engineered to reduce restriction and intake temperature. The intake tube is routed through the fender placing the filter behind the factory fog light on the driver’s side. This allows for ingestion of cool outside air for better performance. The system also comes with AEM’s oil-free Dryflow air filter designed to produce high air flow with great filtration and performance. The air filter is also washable and reusable. Dyno-testing demonstrated an estimated increase of 10 horsepower at 6,600 rpm with the use of this intake system. The cold air intake system for the TSX comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and will deliver Dyno-proven power gains and an agressive engine sound.

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Agency Power Subaru STi Intake

Agency Power designs and dyno tests its intake systems in house, in the USA. As new popular models come out, Agency Power is busy finding more horsepower and torque with its products. Every new product is tested on their in house Mustang Dyno for maximum performance. Vehicles need more air flow to make more power. Not only is air flow important, but how that air gets into your car’s motor is an essential factor. With vehicle computers becoming more and more advanced, precision engineered products are necessary to optimize performance. Focused on quality, function, and style, Agency Power has developed a full line of high quality intake systems for today’s popular vehicles. Agency Power’s intake kits feature quality materials like CNC aluminum, carbon fiber, silicone couplers, and strong clamps. To keep the cool air separated from the engine heat when necessary, Agency Power has developed heat shields which are included in appropriate kits. The heat shields and intake tubes are powder coated in a textured finish.

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Weapon-R Dragon Intake

The award-winning Weapon-R Dragon Intake System is CNC Mandrel Bent out of 6061 aluminum and then TIG-welded by hand to ensure a positive seal and proper fitment. Each intake system is carefully tuned by matching the engine’s displacement, air intake capacity and air speed to the intake system’s tube size and length that will maximize every engine’s performance output. The famous “Dragon Filter” provides maximum airflow, with the protection of high quality dense polyurethane foam and features a computer CAD-designed and flow bench-tested velocity stack.

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