Tuning Essentials: Car Audio Upgrade Guide, 7th Edition

Listen Up! ‘Tis the season to run around in a panic, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, as you try to drown out the sounds of your wallet wailing in protest. Maybe you’re also trying to drown out the sounds of terrible Christmas carol covers that retail stores are forced to have on loop for the next month or so. If you’ve got an audiophile on your shopping list, or you yourself is the audiophile in question, wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket by the fire with some nog and snuggle up to this issue. We’ll make buying the presents that make the biggest boom easy.

We present to you our Mobile Electronics special, just in time for the holidays. What? You think we wouldn’t get you something? This is the best kind of gift as well because it just keeps on giving.

Further inside, you’ll come across a Hot New Products guide, stuffed with the hottest and newest electronics of the season. There’s also a preview of the largest announced audio event dates of 2017, so you can start planning all the places you’ll be able to show off all of the new toys you’ve acquired. 

The star on top of the tree, if you will, of this issue is absolutely the Test Reports. Our resident cyborg/time lord (the only way I can fathom how he can accurately test this many products in such a tight deadline), Garry Springgay, has been really working in his test bench, with eight fully-featured product reviews accounted for here as evidence. Brand-new offerings from DD Audio, MTX, Audison, JL Audio, Kicker, JBL, Kenwood, and Memphis have all been scrutinized and pushed to their limits, with all the graphs and tables to prove it, so you can breathe easy while deciding where you, or your recipient, should upgrade their in-car game next. Have your notebook and pen ready – you’ll want to make a wish list of sorts. 

Happy holidays from the PASMAG staff to you and your family! Let’s make 2017 even louder.

Purchase your advance copy of Tuning Essentials: Car Audio Upgrade Guide issue (7th Edition) at pasmag.com/backissues. Available on newsstands January 2017!

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