For a limited time, pre-order your copy of PASMAG #151 for only $1.99/ea. In this issue, we pay tribute to the 4 cylinder engine. #151 will be available Week 2 of October 2018. Stay tuned for (more) exciting news.

As usual, we’ve sprinkled in the latest and greatest trending topics from throughout our weird and wonderful industry, including some new four-cylinder builds to follow. From there we’ll be taking it back to Importfest 2018, a show where Canada’s best come out to play. Still hungry for more event coverage? We hear you! We’ve also got a look at Driven: Winnipeg, Stancewars: Seattle, and Battle at the Border.

After we take a look at three of our Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE winner’s features, we break down a brief list of some of the world’s best four-cylinder engines from across multiple generations. One of our in-house project cars is in the spotlight once again, as well. The Reverse Entry Project 240sx went under the knife for a heart transplant, as a first-gen red top SR20DET was replaced by a final-generation S15 Silvia SR20DET in the name of reliability. Read all about that rollercoaster of a process, and then head on over to to check out the video segment on that chapter of the build.

As you may imagine, we’ve got two serious four-cylinder features. The first comes in the form of two Pandem-equipped Civics boasting K series engines, each one with its own special take on the platform, and the next is a Ford Focus RS from Rally Innovations that pays tribute to Colin McRae with a serious rally-ready build.

Keeping true to the exploration of four-cylinder marvels, we break down a list of the most impressive road-going four-banger engines throughout the tuning world, spanning multiple generations, and finally dive into a new contender on the block: Toyota's 2AR. Stephen Papadakis and Papadakis Racing have been building the potent new engine to four-digit power figures, and we just had to know how he does it. Thankfully he was down to give us the inside scoop.

As always, thanks for picking up PASMAG. Enjoy!

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Mario Quiroz Martinez & Cristian Adrian Segura Lopez's Honda Civics
Roel Chavez's Lexus RC 350
Brittany Sanderson's Subaru WRX
Justin Pelowich-Pickup's Scion FR-S
Adam Gordon's SR20-powered Nissan 240SX
Papadadkis Racing's Toyota 2AR Engine
Rally Innovations' McRae Ford Focus RS

Importfest: Toronto, ON
StanceWars: Seattle, WA
Battle at the Border: Buffalo, NY
Driven: Winnipeg


PASMAG #151 will be available December 2018.

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