Reader’s Choice Awards: Favorite Videographer

If you’re a fan of those beautiful cinematic show coverage videos that often follow big-name automotive events, there’s a damn good chance you’ve seen Krispy’s work before. Chris Petruccio has been shooting for years, and in that time has built countless relationships with event promoters, car builders, and professional drivers alike.

Krispy’s portfolio ranges from official show coverage, after-movies for lifestyle events like H2Oi, build videos, shoots just for fun, and countless other forms of entertaining automotive content.

1st Place: Krispy Media (Chris Petruccio)

Facebook: ChrisPetruccio
Instagram: @krispy
YouTube: Krispy Media

2nd Place: Woyshnis Media (Brandon Woyshnis)

Twitter: @WoyshnisMedia
YouTube: Woyshnis Media

3rd Place: Halcyon (Anthony Purcell)

Facebook: halcyonphoto
Instagram: @halcyonphoto

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