PASMAG #146 December 2017/January 2018

Land of the freeway. Home of the burnout.

Do you remember the days when muscle car was synonymous with sports car? When the only tuning you needed could be done with a flat-head screwdriver and a socket wrench? The game has certainly changed, but the spirit of American metal is still alive and well in the world of performance automotive.

Jokes about American cars not being able to handle corners are out the window, as the last few generations of America’s toughest muscle cars have been climbing racetrack leaderboards, beating out supercars and exotics which cost double or triple the price. This well-rounded prowess has built domestic muscle cars a respectable reputation among hardcore enthusiasts, and the aftermarket is already taking these cars to new heights.

Welcome to the first ever “American Metal” issue of PASMAG, where we’ll be diving into some of the baddest domestic machines the great U.S of A has to offer. Our audience has found themselves at the wheels of muscle cars more frequently, and this issue has been requested more times than we can count. Rest easy, muscle fans – we delivered.

In this issue we’ll take you through the usual paces, looking at some of the hottest happenings in the world of automotive in order to give you an idea of what you can expect to see over the next year or two. We’ll even focus on some domestic car trends as well just for this issue.

Before we go too muscle-crazy further in the book, we take a trip to some of the latest events, including Formula Drift’s final round at Irwindale, First Class Fitment, Berlin Klassik, and the Unified Car Audio Championship.

From there, we’ll showcase a bunch of the latest and greatest aftermarket products available. Then we’ll look at our latest Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE winners before going full throttle into some of the baddest muscle cars we’ve ever seen. First up is a ’67 Camaro unlike any you’ve seen before – largely because its engine has 12 cylinders. After that, we’ll visit the guys at Touge Factory/TF-Works to see their latest build – a S550 Mustang GT built to perform!

Naturally, we’ll be finishing things off with a PASMAG Dealer listing, an event calendar for the coming months, and our famous Spot the Differences game to rack your brain. So buckle up and get ready – we’re taking this a quarter mile at a time.


Adam Gordon
Associate Editor
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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