PASMAG Konig Model Tiffany Habib Columbus Boudoir January 2016

Tiffany Habib has been a model for 7 years. Her work can be found in over 80 national & international publications dating all the way back as far as 2007. She's most likely known for her appearances in several international Maxim, FHM, FIGHT! and DUB magazines. Her start: she begun her model c [ … ]

PASMAG Model Konig Aubrey Nicole Eddie Cayer December 2015 Lead

Aubrey Nicole just started working as a licensed nurse in a rehabilitation/long term care unit. But prior to her full-time career as a nurse and long hours at school, Aubrey loved being part of the automotive industry as an enthusiast and a model.

"I think I offer a good mix of "all-American-girl [ … ]

PASMAG Konig Wheels Calendar Model: November 2015 - Brit Bliss (Photo by Rsellos Photography)

My social feed (like yours) consists of many different topics - cars, food, girls, gaming, movies, music, clothing, etc. I didn't catch the Facebook-buzz when it first started but when I finally got signed-up online, one girl has stayed consistent with online posts of the majority of the topics I' [ … ]

Krstina Hong Paul Nguyen PASMAG October 2015 Konig Wheels lead

2014 was Krstina Hong's first year of modeling. She attended a couple dozen different car shows - SEMA, Formula D, Spocom, Hot Import Nights, Import Face Off, Tuner Evo and Wekfest. In that same year, she was published in a couple print magazines, featured on websites (and social media) and w [ … ]

Brittani Paige PASMAG Konig Calendar Model September 2015 Jay Martinez 18

No New Friends. When I initially saw Brittani Paige on the show circuit and eventually on my social newsfeed, I knew that I had to get her... for our print Calendar Model feature, that is! I just knew from that moment I first saw her she would eventually be in the pages of PASMAG. Finally (2 years [ … ]

Lexii Kelley PASMAG Konig Calendar Model Beansfotos Lead

I travel to many cities for PASMAG, but I have never been to Baton Rouge or the state of Louisiana (yet). NOW, I have a reason to - thanks to our contributing photographer, Brian Bowers of Beans Fotos. I spotted Lexii Kelley on my social feed when Brian posted his latest photo-shoot with a newly d [ … ]

Girls of PASMAG Konig Calendar Model - July 2015: Jenny Chu (Photo by Andrew Ho)

I've had the pleasure of knowning (and being friends with) Jenny Chu for more than 10 years, but one thing I stayed clueless about was the type of guy she's into. "I'm in love with guys that have beards," Jenny mentions, "I don't know what it is but I literally just drool!" If I had known, perhaps [ … ]

Girls of PASMAG: Konig Wheels June 2015 - Brandy Lynn (Photo by Beans Fotos)

If you have the opportunity to meet Brandy Lynn in person, initially you'll notice that she's quiet and reserved. But once you get to know her, and she's comfortable, you never know when she'll break-out into song (she can't sing), or when she'll start dancing and doing cheer routines (she's not a [ … ]

Konig Wheels Calendar Model: May 2015 - Amy Fay (Photo by Julian Morales)

We recently had the chance to catch up with PASMAG cover model, Amy Fay (Volume 13, Issue 09; Dec/Jan 2012), at the Tuner Showcase, co-located with the Vancouver International Auto Show, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and as always, it was a pleasure.

Text by Randi Bentia. Photos by Juli [ … ]

PASMAG April 2015 Calendar Model: Stephanie Manescu

Written by Randi Bentia | Photography by Rsellos Photography

Stephanie has been a model, photographer, and actress for five years. She’s experienced in movie, television, print, event hosting, radio, and promotion. She’s been featured in Playboy, The Wolf of Wall Street, Modelz View M [ … ]

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