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There are many coilover suspension options on the market today. A lot of high level technology has filtered down to more affordable coilovers as opposed to systems that may cost much more. With more selection available, the task of choosing [ … ]


The Fidanza name is synonymous with superior racing flywheels designed and built in the USA. Over the years they dominated the tuner market as a widely available and lower cost solution to JDM brands. As the years went on, owner Bob Scheid decided to use his engineering and manufacturing capabilitie [ … ]

Hyper Single-Carbon

We have maintained for years the notion that as you modify one system in your car, you will have to upgrade other areas affected by the modification. If, for example, you run more boost, chances are your car will run hotter. If you double the horsepower, you might want think about upgrading the br [ … ]

e3_plug_3x5_300_thThere are many who believe a spark plug is a spark plug. While that notion may have been true in the past, today’s technology has come a long way in a short period of time. Spark plug selection is becoming a very careful buying decision, especially in a time when engine displacement is no longer kin [ … ]
edge_1L_5w30_020616600A_thThere are two types of tuners in the market today: those that spend money on all the right parts and those who make them work properly. How many times have we seen big dollar parts simply installed and not tuned or maintained properly? It happens each and every day. Those in the know, however, under [ … ]