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    Reinventing the Wheel: Interview with CEC Wheels CEO, Claus Ettensberger

    Among the automotive aftermarket elite, CEC Wheels is celebrating 25 years of German performance, art and engineering. Rooted in the dawn of the German tuning scene, CEO Claus Ettensberger has taken his experience competing and building alongside t [ … ]

    Cabe's Corner: Get to Know The Subwoofer

    All of us, at one time or another, have been fooled into thinking a subwoofer will perform amazingly based on its looks. Whether it is a massive 500-ounce magnet or quadruple spiders with some crazy futuristic looking basket, we have been fooled. I [ … ]

    (Preview) Wataru Kato's GC111 Nissan "Kenmeri" Skyline

    When one is passionate about their craft, it is often said that they put a part of themselves into their creations. If it’s writing, maybe it’s their voice. If it’s art, maybe it’s their likeness. With cars though, it’ [ … ]

    (Preview) Hard Knocks: Rothsen Valdez's 2010 Nissan GT-R

    Life’s a journey, or so the saying goes. Cliché? Perhaps. But for many of us, getting to where you want to be is never a direct route. There are detours, stops and dead ends, but for those set on making it to their final destination, t [ … ]

    (Preview) Bougie Bushido: Kenji Nishimura's 1999 Lexus GS300

    Story and Photography by Jacob Leveton

    In the late ‘90s Kenji Nishimura owned an Acura Integra like many of his friends. As easy as they were to modify, Nishimura decided to part with his in favor of something more unique. His next car, a Ni [ … ]

    Garrys Garage Project C6

    Regular readers of PASMAG already know that Technical Editor Garry Springgay is a bona fide audio geek and has been making a living in the audio industry for over 30 years. But what most of you don’t know is that he’s also a pretty seri [ … ]

    PASMAG Ride Sharing Poll Feature Vehicles

    With the popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Haxi and Blancride, what if we at PASMAG set up a system where you were able to ride-along with a car competitor or feature car to a car show or meet, to the movies, a long [ … ]

    Cabe's Corner: Consider the Source

    When building an audio system, you will invest not only money, but time - time choosing the best products for you and your budget, as well as the type of equipment that will produce your desired end result, whether that is sound quality or maximum [ … ]

    Target: Newfoundland - Inside the Speed Academy Scion FR-S Targa Racer

    Written by Jordan Lenssen | Photography by Speed Academy & Scion Canada

    Targa Newfoundland is the perennial North American event for automotive enthusiasts and club racers looking to push their skills and vehicles to the absolute limit. The week [ … ]

    Bunny Hunter: Sheena Dela Cruz's 2013 Scion FR-S

    Written by Micky Slinger | Photography by Fred Lynch

    Impressive is definitely one word for the “BunnyHunter” FR-S. Owned by Sheena Dela Cruz (known online as NorCalGirl), it’s the spirit of individuality. The moniker “BunnyHu [ … ]

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    Budget Build: Ford F150

    Yeah, I know we’re an aftermarket performance oriented magazine, and almost every article has something to do with making a tuner car faster, louder and generally more fun. But, as much as I love high performance cars, I realized another…
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    Royal Flush: 2008 Lexus IS 350

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    We pause our amazing, regularly-scheduled automotive parade for a momentary look into the past; back to a time before the Internet, before the dawn of cellular telephones, before email, before aftermarket parts were only a mouse click away. We felt…
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