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Neo Motorsport Coilover Install

The Scion FR-S offers a true sportscar experience at a very affordable price point and is complimented by aggressive styling. For those looking to enhance and tighten up the handling of this coupe, there are a variety of aftermarket options availab [ … ]

Sylvania Zevo Strip Kit

Let your creativity shine without a huge time or money investment. The SYLVANIA ZEVO Interior Strip Kit allows you to put more colors and more light where you want it. Easily expandable with up to 20 feet of endless design options, you can now enha [ … ]

Customizing your Headlamps with Oracle Lighting

If you are planning to paint your headlights, install halos, or a projector retrofit, chances are you have researched the methods to opening your factory lights. On the web, there are plenty of myths and hearsay when it comes to the proper procedur [ … ]

AEM Infinity ECU

Today’s modern automobiles are technological marvels, especially when it comes to engine management and tuning. Long gone are the days where all you needed was a flathead screwdriver and a toolbox full of different sized jets for your carbureted engi [ … ]

Scion FR-S Vortech Supercharger Kit Install

It’s no secret the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ platform has taken the tuner world by storm. It’s at almost every track day, car show, or autocross across North America, but despite its immense popularity, there’s still one common complaint – it needs more [ … ]

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L Turbo Kit Install

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6 is no slouch from the factory with 306 horsepower, but our guess is that if you’re reading this magazine you believe that more horsepower is better. Fortunately the folks over at TurboKits.com think the same way and [ … ]

Project BMW 330Ci: HSD Coilovers and Sprint Booster Install

Over the past few years, the BMW aftermarket has grown exponentially in North America, making it an increasingly popular platform to modify. Whether you’re looking at simple exterior modifications or 1,000 whp turbo kits, you can find almost any modi [ … ]

IMG 0179

BRAKE-ing it down! Step by step

The Scion FR-S is undoubtedly one of the most popular tuner platforms out right now – and with that comes a flood of aftermarket goodies. While many of those aftermarket products aim to add horsepower or increase hand [ … ]

Project Scion FR-S: Intake & Exhaust Install

When a new platform comes out from a car manufacturer, usually the first things the aftermarket industry gets to work creating are performance air intakes and exhaust systems. The Scion FR-S is no different and we have chosen some high-quality upgrad [ … ]

Project Scion FR-S: Performance Suspension Upgrade

With the buzz surrounding the release of the new FR-S platform from Scion, it’s no surprise the industry’s top aftermarket companies have been hard at work developing new performance upgrades. We at PASMAG have hooked up with JRP Inc. and Scion Canad [ … ]