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Rubber Mae: Toyo Tires Proxes R1R Review

Tire Name: Proxes® R1R™

Category: Extreme Performance, Passenger Car

Available Sizes: 15-, 16-, 17-, and 18-inch rim diameters. Widths range from 195 to 275mm with 55 down to 35-series profiles

Speed Rating: V (149-mph maximum) and W (168-mph maximum)

Load Rating: 82 (1,047 lbs.) to 98 (1,653 lbs.)

UTQG Rating: 140 AA A



. Silica-Reinforced, High-Grip Tread Compound

. Unidirectional Arrowhead Tread Design

. Tapered Center Block Edge

. Multi-Width EVAC Channels

. Stability Control Slits

. Advanced Autocross-Inspired Casing with Modified Radial Construction


DC Sports • www.dcsports.com

Evasive Motorsports • www.evasivemotorsports.com

Toyo Tires® • www.toyotires.com

Mackin Industries • www.mackinindustries.com