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While our friends to the south generally turn to California for their dream girls, those of us who live north of the 49th parallel know that it is La Belle Province that is truly the home of the most beautiful women in the world. Vanessa Blouin is a prime example of this rule as the Montreal nat [ … ]



"There are so many benefits in this job. The pampering and undivided attention is most enjoyable! (smiles) An exciting lifestyle of independence and absolute freedom from the mundane is a tribute to this game. I also like the fact that I’m able to set my own hours (smiles)."
THE ESS [ … ]

Armed with a seductive smile, endless energy and bangin’ body, the always adorable Alicia Whitten is simply irresistible. Trust us when we say this naughty NOS spokes model is hotter than a California wild fire. You better bring your A-game around her, as we quickly found out this self-confessed [ … ]


This issue, we had a chance to sit down with the down-to-earth but out-of-this-world-gorgeous Melissa Reign. What surprised us most is how easy this hottie was to talk to and hang out with during our photoshoot. No wonder she’s got legions of adoring fans, I guess all we can do is take a number an [ … ]

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The term “Hotlanta” may refer to the temperature during the summer in Atlanta, but after this photo shoot it could very easily be a description of Justene Jaro. Born in the Philippines, this busty beauty now calls Georgia home and has set fire to the scene with her great look and engaging person [ … ]

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The term “Made in Taiwan” can be found on any number of imports in North America, but perhaps the best example came when Kaila Yu moved to our shores as a young girl. Raised in California, Yu has become one of the most sought-after import models with her seductive eyes and breathtaking style.

A [ … ]

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All Melanie Tillbrook really wanted was to be a singer and entertainer. So one day she entered a singing competition and ended up being chosen as the cover girl for the DVD that was released. From there, a career in modeling began for the half-Filipina, half-British beauty.

With a body even Aph [ … ]

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As a Southern California dream girl, Michelle Anderson constantly faces the spotlight of whatever show she attends. And while the men quickly turn to their digital cameras for a chance to get a quick picture of the bombshell as she walks the floor, they best be wary as this is one girl who knows h [ … ]

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This month’s cover girl definitely proves the saying, ‘Great things come in small packages.’ At 5’ 1”, Jeri Lee has everything you could possibly want in a tight, compact package. Her smoking hot body, warm smile and beautiful eyes almost seem too perfect for a mere mortal.

Lee, who has been mo [ … ]

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The West Coast is filled with lovely ladies and every year men cruise through California to see the sights. So imagine their joy when the sexy Joyce Lex decided to come to American shores and make San Diego, CA her new home.

While Lex has only been a part of the sport compact scene for [ … ]

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