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May 2012May 2012


2012 is shaping up to be a great one – the countless products and gear released this year have been compiled for your viewing please in our annual Buyer’s Guide. Pages among pages of the latest head units, wheels, tires, intakes, engine internals and exhausts are all at a head, all the while bringing the best of the 2012 events and seven, yes seven, features. And finally, get used to the name Xena Kia in the import scene, she is our latest cover model.
Our cover car, a very sleek and murdered out, 2011 Caddy CTS-V Coupe sets the standards high on the feature front. Other highlights include and amazing Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec, a sexy Lexus GS and a ’03 Infinity G35.

We’ve also packed the best of 2012 events thus far including SBN 2012, a very busy and crowded Wekfest in San Fran, MegaSpeed and the latest Import Face-Off.

And amongst the jam packed pages of the aforementioned buyer’s guides, we’ve got test reports on the latest head units from Pioneer and Sony as well as a brand new Kicker amplifier.

May 2012


Each year around the same time, car audio fanatics make the trek to the sunshine state of Florida for the Spring Break Nationals (SBN) show. The weather was hot, the cars were loud and the booth displays were stellar, to say the least. Over the course of nearly three decades, the SBN show has grown immensely drawing crowds upwards of 15,000 during the weekend and a showcase featuring every major audio brand in the country. Whether you’re into head-bobbing sound offs or checking out the latest offerings, the show once again has taken the A/V scene to another level.


May 2012


It’s true what they say. Good things do come in small packages. With her 32G-25-35 curves on a 5’2” frame, all we can say is OMG! Imagine a Lotus Elise with a Lamborghini V10 engine in it! WOW! That’s Xena Kai. She’s of Filipino descent and living it up in Hermosa Beach, California. Having burst onto the sport compact scene last year, she’s quickly gaining popularity with those voluptuous curves and seductive eyes. She enjoys long walks on the beach and playing her PS3. Yes, boys you read that right, she’s a gamer and she’s got game! Better get your COD killstreak up cause she’ll pop your cap off before you can even get a shot off.


Gary Springgay and the boys at Cogent Audio Labs have put the latest and greatest products to the test, no BS! This time ‘round we get the low-down on the Kicker IX500.4 amp, the Pioneer DEH-P8400BH head unit and the Sony MED-BT4000P head unit.


Our friends at Moto IQ have contributed a great piece on the ‘Physics of Tires.’

It’s not quite summer, but you’ve got enough to read in the meantime.

See you again in June!


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