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Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Tuck and Poke – I swear, if someone said those words to me a year ago, I’d think they had just come from their plastic surgeon. Now, they represent one of the latest crazes in automotive modification, and Mark Naylor has chosen.

Starting with a 1998 Lexus GS300, Naylor set to work on the stance of the car. A set of Tein CS coilovers were wrapped in universal air bags to ensure the possible best use of earth’s gravity. The bags are controlled by a Dakota Digital DHC-2000 air management system. Each corner of the car was treated to a Kranze Vishunu 20-inch wheel by Weds. The front wheels are a respectable nine inches wide, while the rears are an imposing 11 inches. Connecting them to the road are Nexen N3000 tires sized in massive 225/30 and 265/30 dimensions. Tucked inside of each wheel are Grip Force drilled and slotted rotors that are grabbed by custom color-matched calipers.


Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Under the hood, Naylor had an AAP supercharger kit grafted to the motor. The kit makes use of an HKS Rotrex blower. High pressure air enters the engine through an SRT intake and exits after combustion through a classic Tanabe Super Medallion exhaust system. SRT also provided ECU tuning to handle the additional airflow.

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Next on the agenda was entertainment. With the help of the folks at Scosche and Kinetik, and impressive multimedia system was put together. The system includes an Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii and Myron & Davis 7” headrest monitors in its list of sources. A pair of Accele 10” monitors were fitted to the trunk lid, along with a pair of Sosche EFX coaxial speakers. A pair of Scosche 12” subs are fed by a 1,000W EFX amp, while the rest of the speakers get power from an EFX 4-channel. It’s all wired up with EFX cabling. To ensure maximum performance and long play-times, a massive Kinetik KHC3800 power cell was installed in the trunk, along with a Kinetik KIPS12-70 power supply. A KHC1800 power cell replaced the wimpy stock battery under the hood.

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

With the theme of the build being of the dark and mysterious VIP focus, a custom table was fabricated for the dash. Junction Produce Curtains adorn each of the cars windows, while a black Kiku knot Junction Produce Fusa and Kintuna hang from the rear view mirror. Truly these are classic Japanese accessories, but likely not quite akin to a mirrored disco ball that some of our Southern friends rock! The roof liner was replaced with Suede and a Vertex Prorpius shift knob add to the classy theme.

Exterior details were last on the list. A vertex 4-piece body kit gives the car clean ground-hugging lines. A Silk Blaze roof spoiler and Explosion Rear spoiler add to the sensation of speed. The stock fenders were massaged to deal with the massive wheel sizing, and the rear of the vehicle now sports ’04 Lexus GS taillights. With it all installed, the car was treated to a coat of House of Kolor Kandy Cobalt Blue paint over a silver base coat. While in the booth, a custom gauge pod and several interior trim pieces were also slathering in the shimmering metallic blue hue. A chrome grill, Advanced Automotive Concepts HIDs and Halos, VIP puddle lights, illuminated turn signal mirrors and chrome door handles finished off the exterior accents.

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300 Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300

Whether rolling down the interstate, or on display at an event, the clean and smooth lines of the Lexus attract seemingly endless attention. With support from manufacturers like Nexen Tires, Scosche, Assultech, Kinetik, Flynn’s Detailing, Advanced Automotive Concepts and 3rd and Twentieth Studios, the GS has won dozens of awards, including Best of Show, Best Paint and all versions of Best Luxury at shows all over the US. From his days in the DUB / Tuner scene to his current recognition in the VIP scene, Naylor has enjoyed every step of the long build process. The next step? Drop in a 2JZ-GTE to give the go-pedal some VIP status of its own.

Big Blue: 1998 Lexus GS300


Vehicle: 1998 Lexus GS300

Owner: Mark Naylor (Trussville, AL, USA)

Horsepower: 305 on a conservative 9lbs of boost

Club Affiliation: Team EST (Extreme Street Toys)(www.teamest.net)


House Of Kolors Kandy Cobalt Blue Paint

Silk Blaze Roof Spoiler

Vertex 4-Piece Body Kit

Explosion Rear Spoiler

Chrome Grille

Black Suede Headliner

Glow Shift Gauges and Custom Gauge Pod

Puddle Lights

Custom VIP Table

Chrome Door Handles

Vertex Proprius Shift Knob

Turn Signal Mirrors w/Puddle Light

Advanced Automotive Concepts HIDs

Advanced Automotive Concepts Halos

Junction Produce Curtains

Junction Produce Fusa

Junction Produce Kituna

In Car Entertainment:

2 Myron & Davis 7” Headrest Monitors

Custom Audio Enclosure

2 Accele 10” Monitors (trunk)

2 Scosche EFX 12” Subs (trunk)

1 Scosche EFX Mono Amp 1000w (trunk)

1 Scosche EFX 4CH Amp 800w (trunk)

2 Scosche EFX  6 ½ speakers (trunk)

Apple iPad

Kinetik Audio KHC3800 Power Cell (trunk)

Kinetik Audio KIPS12-80 Power Converter (trunk)

Scosche EFX Audio cables and wiring components

Wii gaming system


Weds Kranze Vishunu Wheels front 20x9 rear 20x11

TEIN CS Coilovers

Universal Air Suspension Air Ride

Grip Force Drilled & Slotted Rotors

Color Matched Calipers

Dakota Digital Air Ride Management System


SRT Intake w/ECU

Tanabe Super Medallion Exhaust

AAP Custom Super Charger Kit Featuring HKS Rotrex Super charger

Kinetik Audio KHC1800 Power Cell