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    President / Founder: Rick Sanders
    Established: 2007
    Website: and
    PASNATION Team Username: MrFreez or GM Tunerz
    Locations / Chapters: Halifax Nova Scotia C [ … ]
    President: Billy Torkelson Year Established: 2005
    Locations / Chapters: Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough
    Members: 50+ Cars/Trucks/Bikes

    Team Sponsors: Sound Waves,  Ottawa Auto Body, NTD Window Tinting, Focus Rims And Pe [ … ]
    President: “We don’t have a president, it’s more like the one guy everyone is scared of being sat on by... Mike!” Year Established: 2004
    Locations / Chapters: Los Angeles, CA (Only one chapter and that’s more than an [ … ]
    President: Democratically run with
    equal participation from all members and
    no president. Year Established: 2006
    Locations / Chapters: California area of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco
    Members: 18 an [ … ]

    Jim Pan Year Established: 2002
    Locations / Chapters:
    West Coast, East Coast, and International
    20 Team Sponsors: Falken Tires, Amsoil, Meguiars

    Introduction: TWCompetition (TWC) [ … ]

    TmHybridPASPic (38)_opt

    President / Founder: James Lin   
    Year Established: 1995
    Websites: &
    Locations / Chapters: SoCal, NorCal, San Deigo CA and Las Vegas, NV 
    Membership: Unlimited 
    Team Sponsors: BFGoodrich, Michelin and Megu [ … ]

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