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Boston Low Riders Auto Club 

Club Name: Boston Low Riders Auto Club

Year Established: 1990

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Location/Chapters: Boston, Girlz and Milwaukee (Milwaukee Low Riders)

# of Members: 40

President / Founder Name: Edmundo Lopez

Boston Low Riders Auto Club Boston Low Riders Auto Club Boston Low Riders Auto Club

Boston Low Riders Auto Club

Club History:

The club was established in 1990 by Edmundo Lopez "Papo" with the help of family and friends. We have members from Boston, Lowell, Beverly, Fall River, Braintree, Randolph and Connecticut. Our members are the key to our success. We come from different backgrounds, love customizing cars and represent our club and cars with pride and unity. Our club welcomes any make or model, whether it has a simple look or is fully customized. Boston Low Riders has become one of the most well-known, organized and competitive auto clubs in the New England area. Our club has two other chapters – the Boston Low Riders Girlz Auto Club (est. 2007) and Milwaukee Low Riders Auto Club (est. 2002), run by Jose and Pedro Lopez, Papo's brothers.

Boston Low Riders Auto Club

Boston Low Riders Auto Club Boston Low Riders Auto Club

Awards/Accomplishments: In 22 years we have won hundreds of awards.

Media Coverage: We were featured in the Boston Globe in 1995 and the Speed Channel show “Living the Low Life.”

Shows Attended: Too many to list.

Club Vehicles:







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