Return of the Mini Trucks Toyota Hilux PASMAG 4

Ever wondered what happened to mini trucks? Back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, they were everywhere. Rangers, B2200s, Hiluxes and everything in between were modified with air cylinders and bags, hydraulics, dancing beds, chopped roofs, suicide doors and some truly unique body kits. Then, they just went off the radar.

Well, now, with the sweeping trend of aggressive fitment, mini trucks have seen their resurgence. I spoke with Jordan Alatorre (@scrapelux), the President of Mini Machines and owner of the sweet Hilux you see here, about why this return is happening now. He chalks it up to the new wave of enthusiasts and their tastes.

“Each generation comes out with their own style,” he explains. “For us, we love mini trucks, but also current car modification trends. It’s like the Old El Paso commercial with the flat bottomed taco shells, and we’re the girl who says, ‘Why can’t we just have both?’”

Combining the aggressive fitment movement with current body modifications and influences from JDM and Euro, these trucks have a seemingly unlimited modification index. This is further bolstered by the fact that most owners retrofit other parts to fit their trucks, like Alatorre’s side skirts from a MK3 Jetta.

Mini trucks are back in full force and I really, really want one now.

Return of the Mini Trucks Toyota Hilux PASMAG 6Return of the Mini Trucks Toyota Hilux PASMAG 9Return of the Mini Trucks Toyota Hilux PASMAG 8

Contributor: Jordan Alatorre

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