PASMAG Overfender Overload Rocket Bunny 4

“Kei Miura from Rocket Bunny looked genuinely weary in the lobby as he explained to me that 20 plus designs are coming in 2016. It’s not a typo; over 20 different cars are being ‘fendered’ this year. Miura was modest in reply to his rapidly increasing popularity, but there’s no denying that an increasingly larger part of the demographic are tiring of the ‘throw over-fenders at everything’ approach.” ~ Adam Zillin.

You heard it here first, folks: over 20 new kit designs are coming. While some of you may be jumping for joy, and others rubbing their temples in frustration, there’s just no stopping the juggernaut that is TRA Kyoto’s Rocket Bunny. But why the saturation in 2016? We’ve never seen a number like this being released before, especially over the course of one year. Is this in response to demand? Or is this Miura’s way of going out with a bang before moving on to his next project? I for one will never have the guts to cut into my metal, but I do enjoy seeing the new designs come out. The new Pandem line is actually fairly subtle next to Rocket Bunny and is catching my attention more and more. Let us know your thoughts here! What do you hope to see over-fendered in 2016?

PASMAG Overfender Overload Rocket Bunny 5
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