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Imagine if you could draw or paint new graphics on your car in a matter of hours? It sounds like a stretch, but thanks to high quality materials like Scotchprint from 3M and companies like Graphiti of Mississauga, ON, completely changing the look of your vehicle in only a few hours is easy. Any design, color and textures that include carbon fiber and brushed aluminum are at your disposal for coming up with a new design for your ride. Vehicle Wrap Installation

Step 1

A classic Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR, ready for a facelift. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 2

Focusing on one side of the car, the gold-coloured brushed aluminum-finish vinyl is draped over the side of the car. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 3

The vinyl is stretched tight over the door area. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 4

The rear fender and roof pillars were next. A heat gun and years of experience let the vinyl conform perfectly. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 5

Here we can see the trimming is done around the door handle and fuel filler cap. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 6

Voila – the passenger side is done. Using a single piece ensure the grain of the vinyl flows smoothly front to back. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 7

The driver’s side was next, followed by the hood – which will be done in two pieces. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 8

Every feature needs to be addressed – here is the hood vent with just some basic trim work completed. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 9

The heat gun and application tool are put to work around the hood vent. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 10

Hood vent done, passenger side under way. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 11

Left side almost done – another vent gets some attention. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 12

The rear of the car, wrapped. Several components were removed to ensure a seamless and tidy look around the edges. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 13

The driver’s side-air-vent wrapped in carbon-fiber finish vinyl. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 14

Another back carbon-looking stripe down the hood hides the seam and accentuates the F1 styling cues of the SLR. Vehicle Wrap Installation


Step 15

In a matter of hours, this SLR has been dramatically changed and looks awesome!

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