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Step 9

The first of two trim panels are installed on the tops of the subwoofer enclosure. This layer allows for the installation of LED lighting.


Step 10

Each of the 1-Farad Stinger capacitors was housing in a custom enclosure. The enclosures are lined in suede and will have their own LED illumination.


Step 11

The main trim panels for the subwoofers are cut to closely follow the shape of the factory side panels.


Step 12

Here you can see the final edge finishing on the main trim panels. At this point they are almost ready for to be wrapped in vinyl


Step 13

Here you can see the Stinger wiring distribution installed on the space under the amp rack. Each of the four subwoofer amps will be fed by 8-gauge Stinger power and ground cable.


Step 14

A 120V Stinger power supply provides the ability to play the audio system endlessly while on display at an event.


Step 15

Here you can see some of the detailed wiring underneath the amp rack.


Step 16

The amp rack is buttoned up, and ready for the power the amplifiers to be installed.


Step 17

Construction begins on the 32-inch Sony Bravia TV mounting bracket


Step 18

The big TV is now in place. This is the view of the back of the TV from the driver's seat location.

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