Elite Summer Nationals
Spartanburg Expo Center
Spartanburg, SC
Aug 8, 2009

Dropping doom like an A-boom, the Elite Summer Nationals steamrolled into Spartanburg with enough wattage to electrocute every man, woman and child in the sleepy North Carolina [ … ]

IASCA Canadian Championships

Written by Mark Pereira | Photos by IASCA Canada

IASCA Canadian Championships. Penticton, BC and Whitby, ON

The dedicated team at IASCA has been hard at work, hosting a number of successful international events this year. These two back [ … ]


DMCC: Round 4
Downsview Park
Toronto, ON
Aug 15-16, 2009

After another triumphant return to Toronto, the Castrol Drift Mania Canadian Championships (DMCC) gave fans the entertainment, car show competition, and drift action the series is known for. Wit [ … ]


Formula D: Round 6
Infineon Raceway
Sonoma, CA
Aug 21-22 2009

As expected, the big story surrounding the days leading up to FD Round 6 at Infineon was the points chase. It was clear that two-time champion Tanner Foust would be dethroned but which sharp [ … ]


MECA Crankinshine 2009 Series
Fayetteville, TN

The highly successful MECA Crankinshine 2009 Series invaded Fayetteville, TN on a few occasions this year and delivered non-stop fun and entertainment despite super hot and humid weather.

[ … ]

Redline Time Attack: Round 6
Englishtown Raceway
Englishtown, NJ
Aug 29-30, 2009

Round six of eight in the 2009 Redline Time Attack Series has come and gone but we saw many new faces and many familiar ones on yet another new track to the series! The ev [ … ]


Importfest 2009 | Metro Convention Centre. Toronto, ON | September 12, 2009

Importfest has been around for an impressive nine years now despite every curveball the world throws at them. They have outlasted competition like Darknights, survived rec [ … ]


Nisei Week Showoff
Little Tokyo
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 15, 2009

One of the top shows for import car guys who consider themselves hardcore is the Nisei Week Showoff. Why? Well that’s because the show is a tight knit group of JDM enthusiasts who push the e [ … ]


Yet another SEMA is behind us as we once again find ourselves left sorting through the annual aftermath of photos, new products and press conferences etched into memory. There was speculation that attendance would take a hit this year, but that could [ … ]


Redline Time Attack: Round 7
Mountain Raceway
, NV
Sept 29, 2009

It's hard to believe that we are already bringing the 2009 Redline Time Attack season to a close. Round #7 was held at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Pahrump, NV, about [ … ]