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Import Face-Off 2012: Gainsville, FL

Results from October 7th, 2012 IMPORT FACE-OFF at Autoplus Raceway in Gainesville, Florida.


FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels
Winner – Bengie Rodriguez – Tampa, FL – Honda Civic – 9.155 @ 165.64 mph
R/U – Brandon McCaid – Ja [ … ]

Liberty VIP: Black 3 Car Show

Wekfest Texas 2012

Palmer Events Center
Austin, TX
September 30, 2012

KMS Drift Round 7: Nashville, TN

The bar has been raised for all competitors of the KMS Drift Series. Nashville, TN was the setting for Round 7 and it proved to be the best competition round year to date. 48 drivers from 5 States came out to compete and prove that drifting is alive and well in Nashville, TN. Special guest, Nick T [ … ]

Hot Import Nights 2012: Dallas