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Formula DRIFT 2012: Round 3 - Invasion

Daigo Saito is Victorious at Round 3: Invasion at Palm Beach International Raceway; Pawlak Remains in the Pro Championship Points Lead

Formula DRIFT returned to Round 3: Invasion at Palm Beach International Raceway for the second consecutive year. [ … ]

Import Face-Off 2012: Woodburn, OR

FWD presented by S.P.E.C. clutches and flywheels
Winner - Marmon, Cole - Enumclaw, WA - '99 Civic - 9.433 @ 159.23
R/U - Nor, Zol - Olympia, WA - '97 Civic

FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Motovicity Distribution
Winner - Lunde, Reid - Kennewich, WA - '96 Civic - 8.475 @ 176.71
R/U - Lennig, Jer [ … ]


North America’s Professional Drifting Championship Series, Formula DRIFT, returns to Palm Beach International Raceway June 1 & 2 for Round 3: Invasion. The competition will feature nearly one hundred racers drifting on the newly configured road course, where cars will slide at speeds over one [ … ]

KMS Drift Championship Series 2012: Alabama Drift

World of Wheels: El Paso, TX