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Elite Showdown 2017: Las Vegas, NV
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Elite Showdown 2017 Las Vegas PASMAG 93

When a beast from the east sets foot in a city that never sleeps, something epic is going to happen. In this case, Ranger Ramirez and Duy Nguyen of Elite Tuner teamed up with Giovanny Ayala of Team Elevate and Elite Throttle Motorsports to organize one of the largest shows in Las Vegas on February 11th. With the support from Advanti Racing, R1 Concepts, Braum RacingTop-UPS and Western Auto Crafters, the first-ever Elite Showdown took place at Silverton Casino with a parking lot full of custom cars and trucks. A few gorgeous models were also seen at the Model Lounge or next to a vehicle for photo-ops. Despite the unnatural rain and clouds hovering over the event, the competitors showcased and displayed their vehicles for top honors, including a Tuner Battlegrounds award category competition where Jon Togans, with his 1994 Mazda RX-7, received 58% of the Popular Vote and an upcoming print feature in PASMAG.

Visit for more information and tour dates.

Contributor: Adrian Jesse Munoz (AJM Studios)

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