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SEMA 2014: Las Vegas, NV
Mustang's 50th Anniversary
Brembo Carbon-Ceramic Discs
Riding Along in the Mustang RTR Spec 5 Concept and F-150 Ultimate Fun Haver
Gran Turismo Awards
Honda's Project Fits
RTR by HRE Wheels
Tuner Battlegrounds: Battle for SEMA 2
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SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Ken Block

IT’S MONDAY MORNING. We wake up and leave the hotel, ready for day one – before the show is officially open. We don't even make it to the conference center when we’re struck with a herd of Mustangs sitting in a lot across the street. There are models from every generation: ‘64.5s all the way up to brand new S550s. There’s even an ’89 Saleen SSC, and one of the nicest Mustang IIs – a rebuild, no less – we’ve ever seen. In all, there are over 150 cars from across the US that span the lot. Hosted by Ford, it was an incredible intro to SEMA – and it isn’t even an official part of the show! When we got inside, Ford had a massive display of Mustangs, to coincide with the showstopping Hoonicorn RTR and Mustang RTR Spec 5 Concept. It was a fitting tribute to the 2015 Mustang, which was also crowned SEMA’s “Car of the Show”.

SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang 502SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang APR PerformanceSEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Cobra

SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Evolution rearSEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang RacingSEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Saleen SSC

SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 Vaughn Gittin Jr SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang ForgiatoSEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Kompression Wheels

SEMA 2014 Las Vegas Ford Mustang Roush

Wekfest 2013: San Jose, CA

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

Coming to Tokyo is no chore for anyone who knows how much it pays off when you get here. Despite the long flights, bus rides and train rides everyone is at their fullest the instant they step out onto the bustling streets of Tokyo. Girls in maid uniforms with unnaturally high-pitched voices try to smooth-talk you into getting rid of some cash at their maid café while you try and find your hotel that’s jammed somewhere between a ramen shop and a micro-sized Jinja (shrine). But it’s Tokyo, so the closet-sized hotel room and shrimp burger you had for supper…

Import Face-Off 2013: Tucson, AZ

Photos by Cliff Wallace for Import Face-Off RESULTS FROM TUCSON, ARIZONA IMPORT FACE-OFF APRIL 7TH, 2013 FWD presented by S.P.E.C. clutches and flywheelsWinner - Teague, Aaron - Phoenix, AZ - Civic - 9.47 @ 156.39R/U - Schmidt, Jarom - Ogden - CRX - 9.94 @ 160.58 FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Motovicity DistributionWinner - Sawyer, Joe - Phoenix, AZ - Acura - 8.76 @ 174.30R/U - Pajoufar, Navid - Indio, CA - 9.94 @ 109.27 FORCED INDUCTION SPORT presented by Deatsch WerksWinner - Shumaker, Kevin - Tucson, AZ - Mitsubishi - 10.88 @ 130.34R/U - Villanueva, Rayneil - Oceanside, CA…

Stance WI 2013: Milwaukee, WI

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