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DMCC Round 3
Circuit ICAR
Montreal, QC
July 17-18, 2010


With the season at the half-way point it is becoming a real dogfight for the top spot. With Ontario Pat Cyr taking top spot in his privateer Corolla GT-S, the top points are still in the hands of Marc Landreville. Landreville is also one of the more underrated drivers making a statement in his Overdosed Performance S13 in the trademark pink.

Pat Cyr was able to clinch yet another win at DMCC: Round 3 held at the beautiful Circuit Icar in Montreal. The technical course is perfectly smooth for long sustained sliding and is a highlight for drivers an fans being only 30 minutes outside downtown Montreal. As we head into Round 4, in Toronto the 1-2-3 sport are separated by only 55 points making for some stiff competition!

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