Memphis Nano Lead

A slim woofer system that delivers good output and comes in either an eight or a ten-inch. Might as well get a couple!

Almost everyone is tight on space when it comes to adding a subwoofer system to their ride. Well, there is tight, and then there is really tight! If you are driving a car with virtually no room at all for a subwoofer and amplifier, but you need some real bass for the everyday commute, the folks at Memphis Car Audio may have a solution.

Thanks to some clever engineering and skilful blending of components, Memphis has introduced an incredibly small and thin subwoofer system, dubbed the Nanoboxx. And by system, yes that means complete and ready to play with the required amplifier built in. The SA Nanoboxx series of bass solutions is available in two models, an eight-inch (SA108SP) and the SA110SP 10-inch version, which is the one we were sent for testing.

Memphis Nano 10in 03


The 10-inch Nanoboxx system is incredibly small, measuring 14.375 x 9.875 x 3 inches! With such a small footprint and very low height, the unit should fit under the seat of most cars, or behind the seat of even the tightest pick-up cabs. The cabinet is constructed almost entirely of solid extruded aluminum for strength and low resonance. A specially designed ultra-slim profile woofer is utilized, which is driven with the built-in Class D amplifier designed specifically for optimum performance with this woofer. Thanks to the high efficiency design, the amplifier draws less current and generates less heat than a conventional amplifier. And because of the extruded aluminum enclosure design, the enclosure also serves as the amplifier’s heat sink.

All of the connections and controls are located on one end of the amplifier, with the opposite end used for the output of a cleverly integrated passive radiator to augment the system’s output. Power connections are made via setscrew type terminals that will accept up to eight-gauge cable. The SA110SP can be driven with either high level signal directly from the car’s radio or conventional RCA inputs. There is also the choice of a conventional remote turn-on wire, or for compatibility in virtually any system, the unit is also equipped with signal sensing turn-on functionality.

Tuning is accomplished via a full set of controls including gain, variable crossover with a range of 80 to 150 Hz, a bass boost function with up to 12 dB of available boost, and a 0-180 degree phase switch. Installation is a simple matter of choosing a location, running power, ground and input signal wires, and then tuning it for the vehicle.

Memphis Nano 10in 04


Okay, I will admit that my expectations were fairly low when I was hooking the diminutive Nanoboxx woofer into my reference system for the listening session. You simply can’t expect big rich bass from a complete woofer system that is smaller than many amplifiers. However, after getting it connected and fired up, I’m quite surprised at the overall quality of the sound.

I begin with Ricky Lee Jones’ Danny’s All Star Joint. This track has the amazing Willie Weeks on bass, laying down very well defined electric bass lines, with some awesome plucking thrown in for good measure. The Nanoboxx system sounds really good! Willie’s bass sounds quite real, with good definition and a sense of warmth and fullness. Next up was Level 42’s World Machine. Once again, I’m impressed with the woofer’s ability to reproduce Mark King’s infamous “slap-bass” playing. Sustained low notes, like the keyboards in Billy Idol’s Prodigal Son, are also reproduced with reasonable authority. If you turned your back, you wouldn’t guess you were listening to a shallow-mount subwoofer in a tiny enclosure.

Of course, the system lacks a little overall output when compared to a big woofer in a big box with a big amp, but the performance it delivers is a hell of a lot better than having no woofer at all. Overall, I’m quite impressed with the sonic performance of the woofer, and I think it will surprise more than a few people when heard in a car, where the vehicle’s transfer function will increasing the output of the lowest octaves.

Memphis Loaded Enclosure Quick Specs


The Memphis SA110SP powered woofer would be an excellent choice where space is very limited. If you are looking for bass that bounces quarters off the car roof, this isn’t going to satisfy you, but if you are simply enthusiastic about the quality of your sound without rock concert volume levels, and you want the full, rich sound that only a subwoofer can provide, this might be the perfect choice. Considering the incredibly small size, the system sounds very good, and because it can fi t into very small spaces, you may just be able to use a pair of them! Once again, proving that you really can’t have too much of a good thing.

Memphis Nano 10in 01Memphis Nano 10in 02

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