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Arc Audio KS600.2 amp

Over the last half-dozen years there has been quite a bit of advancement in full-range Class D amplification. Although performance has improved, for some people it’s still not quite there. These folks want analog amplification above all else. One o [ … ]

Absolute Audio 4VI4000 amp

Over on the left coast, the beautiful city of Los Angeles is home to Absolute USA. These folks manufacture a wide variety of mobile audio products and are expanding into the home audio market as well with home speakers. Recently they sent us one of their amplifiers and a subwoofer to check out, so h [ … ]

Dual Axxera AXD430 Review

Are you tired of listening to and looking at that boring stock radio in your dash? Are you ready to step up to some new technology, with cool and exciting cosmetics? Want to connect and control your iPhone or iPod? Have a look at the new Dual Axxera AXD430 receiver. With a full color TFT display, iP [ … ]

Orion XTR3700.1D Amplifier

When it comes to delivering the kind of power required for truly hardcore SPL enthusiasts, few car audio marquees carry the weight of the Orion brand. And although the company has changed ownership several times in its storied history and was a bit of a wallflower for a while, things are much differ [ … ]

Phoenix Gold RX112 12" Subwoofer

The new Phoenix Gold R Series of subwoofers may be priced as entry level products, but compared to the competition they are ruggedly overbuilt, so their performance is anything but entry level.

To have a closer look at these woofers for ourselves, we asked the good folks over at Phoenix Gold to sen [ … ]