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Polk Audio’s DXi112 Subwoofer system is made for any enthusiast who wants big bass, great style and a quality product without breaking the bank. When it comes to putting together a good performing subwoofer system, the details matter. Polk Au [ … ]

The $169.00 (CDN) kit includes a pair of 6.5” midrange drivers, a pair of ¾” silk dome tweeters, two passive crossover networks, and all the required parts to use the system either as a component system or as coaxials.

Anyone who has had more than a passing interest with quality audio reproduction has probably heard of Energy loudspeakers. And for several years now, the folks at Energy have been hard at work making their passion and commitment to quality and performance available in our cars.


Recently the UP [ … ]


If you are looking for big power to drive your subwoofers, but don’t have much space for a monster amplifier and maybe not much room left on the credit card either, the folks at Powerbass have just the ticket. It’s called the XAX-1200D, and while small in stature, it’s certainly not short on pe [ … ]


Seems like more people are looking for simple, fast, and straightforward solutions to getting a good performing, reliable subwoofer system in their vehicle. If you don’t want to spend the time and energy selecting woofers, choosing an appropriate enclosure size and type, and then designing and [ … ]

The Clarion XH7110 is a bit different by design. Instead of going the commonplace Class D route, the XH7110 is a Class GH amplifier. These designs are characterized by improved power efficiency compared to a Class AB amp, and less noise than a typical Class D subwoofer amplifier.

If you’ve been watching their product lately, you’ve already seen some of the vastly improved gear the folks at Clarion have in their current product lineup. It’s been a while since I got to play with a Clarion subwoofer amplifier, so when the XH7110 showed up here at the lab for testing, I was [ … ]