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Boston Acoustics SPG555 Subwoofer
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On The Bench

With listening completed, I let the SPG555 cool off overnight, and moved into the lab
for some basic measurements.
I found that the system has a tuned frequency of right around 30Hz, and when I measured the SPL of the system, as expected it is noticeably higher than
a conventional 12” woofer system. I found all of Boston’s published specs to be on the money, and everything measured exactly as you’d expect.


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I have to say, I came away really impressed with the sonics of the SPG555. No matter what type of music I chose or how loud I played it, it simply seemed to be able to do it all, and ask for more. And while certainly not the least expensive system you can buy, the craftsmanship and technology in the SPG555 woofer is difficult to ignore. To be able to make repairs or change impedances simply by swapping out the parts for new ones and to have a completely customizable woofer that works this well, some might call that priceless.

So for me the bottom line is, yes, the SPG555 is expensive- and worth every penny.