ARC Audio - ARC 602 SpeakersARC Audio
ARC 602 Speakers
$319 |

ARC Series coaxial and component speaker systems create new levels of musical enjoyment and personalization, placing emphasis on enhanced mid-bass and low frequency response, dynamically engineered midrange for rich, natural and pronounced vocals and instrumentation, while efficiently enhancing upper frequencies with finesse and dynamic performance giving you the most value possible in stepping up your systems acoustical and performance capabilities.

Audiopipe - APAW-35CFF SpeakerAudiopipe
APAW-35CFF Speaker
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The new APAW line consists of four models (6.5- and 8-inch, also available in slim-mount models) of indoor/outdoor loudspeakers by Audiopipe, which offers a full carbon fiber cone. All models offer large power handling capabilities, 4-ohm impedance and water repellent carbon fiber construction, resulting in a lightweight, durable and great sounding speaker.

Clarion - SRG6953R 6x9 SpeakerClarion
SRG6953R 6x9 Speaker
$129.99 |

You would be hard pressed to find any other 6x9-inch speaker that packs as much punch as the SRG6953R 5-way. The SRG series is designed to be a great OEM replacement speaker all while remaining budget-conscious. Boasting a 6x9-inch MIPP cone woofer, 2.375-inch balanced midrange, and 1.375-inch, and 0.3125-inch tweeters, the SRG6953R will surely put you in high-end heaven.

Clarion - SRG1623S Co-axial SpeakersClarion
SRG1623S Co-axial Speakers
$89.99 |

The SRG1623S is part of the Clarion SRG series, which are designed to be efficient, budget conscious, factory replacement speakers. It features a 6.5-inch MIPP cone woofer and a one-inch balanced tweeter that can be surface or flush mounted. This makes the SRG1623S a solid replacement for those wanting a broader sound stage than what standard co-axial speakers can provide.

DD Audio - BC6.5 Component SpeakersDD Audio
BC6.5 Component Speakers
$419 |

Based on DD’s popular A-Series components; the BCs are packed with performance features like anodized aluminum diaphragms and shorting ring equipped motors. Even the included passive crossover networks are feature rich. They’re bi-ampable and they include tweeter attenuation and phase adjustment. In short, the BC6.5 components are sure to sonically please.

Illusion Audio - C3CX Point Source SpeakerIllusion Audio
C3CX Point Source Speaker
$699 |

The Illusion Audio C3CX point source has a smooth and extended off axis frequency response so that all listening positions sound the same. The speaker is only 41 mm deep, so it can easily be mounted in the A-pillar for best sound stage image. A full size, bi-ampable crossover is also included. The C3CX is the winner of the 2015 CES Innovations In Design And Engineering Award.

JVC - HX Series SpeakersJVC
HX Series Speakers
$79.95 to $119.95 |

The HX series drops into standard-sized openings to improve low-end performance and voice clarity. Each driver features a carbon mica cone. The midrange is bolstered by a pulp cone with fixed surround, and all speakers include Polyetherimide tweeters for high strength and temperature tolerance. The HX series comes in three sizes (5.25-inch, 6.5-inch and 6x9-inch).

KICKER - QS-Series Component SpeakersKICKER
QS-Series Component Speakers
$699.95 |

Tonally precise and stunning, a QS components system is an audiophile-quality set perfect for demanding listeners. In two system-pack choices with either 6.75-inch (165 mm) or 6.5-inch (160mm) midrange drivers featuring three-layer Tri-Tech cones, high-performance 30-mm tweeters with DuPont Tetoron domes and a superior crossover network with Mylar capacitors and high-powered resistors.

MB Quart - X-Line Coaxial SpeakersMB Quart
X-Line Coaxial Speakers
$99.99 to $159.99 |

A new line from MB Quart for 2015, X-Line coaxials provide a definite bang for the buck. Available in 5.25, 6.5 and 6x9-inch sizing with .75-inch Titan tweeters. The coaxials feature a German-spec composite basket and mica-filled PP cone mated a to UV butyl surround. Twelve dB/octave crossovers are used throughout the line and hidden in the tweeter post for protection and reliability.

Memphis - MClass ComponentsMemphis
MClass Components
$269.95 |

Whether you want to upgrade the factory units or go with a custom install, the redesigned 2015 MClass MCX component speakers are the solution. The oversized cone and voice coil deliver great bass, while the separate tweeter allows for a variety of mounting locations. The separate crossover brings everything together for a great sounding component system.

Orion - Cobalt CO652C Component SpeakersOrion
Cobalt CO652C Component Speakers
$53 |

These Cobalt speakers are tuned for maximum performance, whether powered from a head unit or an amplifier. With recessed tweeters, universal baskets, and 50 watts RMS and 120 watts peak from 4 ohms, these speakers can be dropped into almost any vehicle to get that sound you’re looking for.

Phoenix Gold - SX5CS SpeakersPhoenix Gold
SX5CS Speakers
$239.99 |

Designed to perfectly match the SX-series of amplifies and subwoofers, this series of speakers are manufactured using state of the art acoustic engineering and built using high-grade quality materials and components. The aluminum plated grained polypropylene cone, coupled with the soft dome tweeter, reproduces a high performance, natural sound. The SX series component speakers are available in both 5.25-inch (SX5CS) and 6.5-inch (SX65CS) diameters.

Pioneer - TS-D Series SpeakersPioneer
TS-D Series Speakers
$180 to $200 |

Pioneer’s TS-D series speakers are designed to maintain open and smooth sound quality with solid bass response, vocals, staging and clear separation of instruments. Featuring Twaron aramid fiber cones, elastic polymer surrounds and 0.9-inch tweeters, the TS-D components demonstrate quicker response and an open sound. Multiple adaption kits are included for easy installation in factory door locations.

Precision Power - Power Class P.65C3 Component Speakers  Precision Power
Power Class P.65C3 Component Speakers  
$469.99  |

The Power Class components from Precision Power are made up of a performance-oriented three-way system: tweeters, midrange and woofer.  The combination of the air motion tweeter and natural fiber composite cone, high-power strontium ferrite magnet midrange and woofers leave no questions as to how this system can push 400 watts, 94 dB and 40,000 Hz, yet still be able to sound clear and defined.

Sony - XB Series SpeakersSony
XB Series Speakers
$99.99 to $119.99 |

Featuring a modulus, multi-layered, mica-reinforced cellular woofer diaphragm for high rigidity and precise bass, the XS-XB series full range speakers also house a progressive height rate spider and rubber surround to realize 300, 350 and 500 W RMS in the 5.25, 6.5 and 6x9-in. models, respectively. Connect directly to the matching high-power head unit with built-in 40 W x 4 CEA RMS amplifier and MEGA BASS circuitry for standalone subwoofer and amplifier performance.  

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