Kinetik HC1800 Power Cell

If your ride is in need of some serious electrical power to run an ever-growing number of accessories, the folks at Kinetik have come up with a new mid-sized powerhouse to do just that.

The new power cell is called the HC1800 and it's designed specifically to augment your vehicle's electrical system and deliver the power reinforcement you need. Whether you’re looking for more current for an audio system, hydraulics, lighting, compressor or even a winch, the HC1800 is the perfect choice.

Built to take a beating and keep on cranking out the power, Kinetik power cells feature AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) high power density batteries. These permanently sealed batteries are completely maintenance free and use a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gasses, which are normally lost to the atmosphere in a regular lead acid battery.

Through the utilization of special construction techniques, the batteries feature very high power density and are ultra rugged. To further improve the installation convenience factor, the batteries are “sealed” and can be mounted in any position although completely upside down is not recommended.

With an excellent 20 hour rating of 81 Ah, the 54-pound HC1800 power cell packs a ton of energy into its 10x 6.5x 8.2-inch footprint. (Group 24) One of the advantages of AGM battery technology is the ability to charge very rapidly when using a properly regulated voltage supply, which means quick recovery between rounds or after winching yourself out. Another plus is the HC1800 holds its voltage better under load and can be discharged down to 10.5 volts without damage.

Designed with convenient modular connection options, you have the choice of 3/8-inch bolt or regular terminal type connections. Or, you can use Kinetik’s KHC-TP (top post) or KHC-SPA (side post) adaptors for more connection options.

The Kinetik HC1800 power cell has a retail price of $419.95 and has been specifically designed to provide optimum performance for demanding for car audio applications. With very low ESR (equivalent series resistance), which allows them to provide almost instantaneous current to your amplifiers, the HC1800 is an excellent choice regardless of the type of electrical accessories you’re running.

From serious sound system applications to hydraulics or off-roading, whatever you may be into Kinetik has a power cell just right for your lifestyle. Find out more about Kinetik products by visiting