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Drift Innovation, the British Manufacturer of the standard definition X170 wearable action sports camera, has built the world’s first HD wearable video camera with an integrated LCD screen and wireless remote. Drift is excited to bring video fans, action sports enthusiasts and the tech?savvy what they have been waiting for with the new Drift HD170 1080p.

The easy to use Drift HD170 goes head-to-head with other market-leading HD cameras, providing 1080p, 720p or WVGA HD video settings, 5 Megapixel photos from a 170? degree wide?angle lens.

However, Drift Innovation surges ahead of the pack with features like:

• Integrated LCD screen so you can line up the perfect shot, preview footage and
share with friends.
• RF remote saves batteries, memory and edit time by making it easy to shoot
shorter clips. The RF remote also safely starts and stops recording without
wrestling with the camera on the go.
• 300?degree rotating lens, to enable mounting the camera at whatever angle works
best for your application.
• An assortment of mounts included with the camera for wearing the Drift HD170
on your head, goggles, handlebars and more.
• External microphone jack
• Night mode for optimal low?light performance.
• 4x Digital zoom to get closer to the action

“For the first time, there is a camera that has all the features the consumer is looking for in onepackage,” said Robin Parker, Director of Drift Innovation. Sab Jhooti fellow Drift Director added “Withan RF remote, LCD screen, digital zoom, and HD image, the Drift HD170 1080p raises the bar in thewearable video camera market.”

Check out sample videos of the Drift Innovation HD170 1080p here:

The HD170 will be available for retail Summer 2010

To learn more, please visit: