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Touted as one of the leading authorities on Mazda tuning, Racing Beat is a good place to start when it’s time to modify your Mazda. Their engineering and design is proven and 2009 RX8 Exh.2_opteven contracted to tune up Mazdas from the factory. When it comes to Mazda RX-8 performance, they may not manufacturer any outrageous bodykits or insane turbo systems, but you can rely on solid performance from each and every part.

The Racing Beat REV8 “street legal” cat-back exhaust system is a solid replacement for the restrictive OEM Mazda RX-8 exhaust. The exhaust is a durable system offering real horsepower gains backed by in-house dyno testing. The REV8 exhaust system is constructed of 304 stainless steel Racing Beat connecting-pipe, muffler canisters, tubing, flanges, and outlet tips. The replacement connecting-pipe is manufactured using 3-inch (OD) tubing and features cast stainless steel flanges for positive exhaust gas sealing.

The Racing Beat REV8 exhaust system will certainly stand out from the crowd with its distinctive twin tip outlet design! A first of its kind offered for the RX-8, these highly polished stainless steel tips offer a radical change from the standard single tip design and provide a well-balanced look to the updated rear tail lights of the RX-8.

Utilizing in-house dyno test facilities, the Racing Beat engineering staff have undertaken extensive exhaust system testing with the RX-8 Renesis engine. Research has found 2009 RX8 Exh_opt that simply adding a large-diameter “straight-through” muffler can result in an extremely loud, buzzy sounding exhaust and power gains are only modest. Racing Beat focused their developmental efforts on optimizing the power output, while maintaining a moderate, but still aggressive exhaust tone.

Based upon initial test sessions, it appeared the Mazda engineers did not leave much “untapped” horsepower behind in the stock exhaust system. Although it appears there might be modest power gains available from a “cat-back” exhaust system, be wary of big horsepower claims from any aftermarket exhaust manufacturer because we tested them all. 

Jump on the throttle and the REV8 exhaust comes alive with an aggressive note that enhances the driving experience. Refined and modest while cruising; aggressive and authoritative under acceleration - that is the balance that Racing Beat strived to achieve!

Renesis rotary with
Racing Beat REV8
+ 3.5 HP

Renesis rotary with
“Brand X” aftermarket system
+ 3.5 HP

Renesis rotary with
“Brand Y” aftermarket system
+ 1.5 HP

Racing Beat
REV8 Exhaust system








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