Nitto NT555 Next Generation PASMAG Lead

The NT555 summer performance tire is designed to pair with the NT555R drag radial on the rear axle. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread pattern and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles. The tread blocks are than reinforced to provide rigidity and stability, creating a consistent contact patch under various driving conditions.

Nitto's alignment indicators are another service feature that will visually show how your tires are wearing. They can also alert you to wear issues before they become big problems.

A size and spec feature can be found on Nitto's wesite to determine if the tire fits your ride.

(Update: Sept 21, 2015)
The all-new NT555 G2, Nitto’s next generation Summer Ultra High Performance tire, was recently put to the test by Steve Turner, the Editor in Chief at Driving Steeda Mustangs at the famed Palm Beach International Raceway, the tire was put through a variety of tests that showcased the improved dry/wet handling, braking and acceleration performance compared to it’s predecessor, the NT555. According to Turner, the new NT555 G2 “is a great tire option for your modern muscle car.” Check out the full review in the video above.

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