Connected: Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector

After hearing much speculation and conjecture on the various radar detector Internet forums regarding the upcoming Beltronics STi Magnum radar detector, I was pretty tickled when one finally showed up at my lab. The new Sti Magnum is loaded with features, and considering the amount of technology it possesses, it’s also very simple to use and understand. Ready to use right out of the box with the recommended factory setup, the STi Magnum is preset to provide the best protection for the vast majority of users.

The Magnum includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System (SWS) radar detection capability. It also incorporates front and rear laser detection, and DSP processing of the signals from the dual LNA (low noise amplifier) microwave receivers.

Of course the new STi Magnum also comes equipped with the usual Beltronics features, such as their patented Mute and Automute functions, visual and audible band alerts, Safety Radar (SWS) alerts with up to 64 possible messages, and a wide range of user customizable options.

But what sets the STi Magnum apart from lesser detectors are features like the “TSR” Advanced Signal Rejection, Total Shield™ RF Technology, and the previously mentioned dual superheterodyne receivers. The Advanced Signal Rejection is used to prevent false alarms from commonly used K-Band traffic monitoring systems which emit a regularly timed pulse of radar to monitor traffic. The TSR software sorts these signals automatically, and maintains full radar threat protection while minimizing annoying false alarms. Total Shield™ RF Technology prevents telltale RF signals from radiating from the STi Magnum, making it virtually undetectable. Rather than simply moving the emitted RF signals to another frequency as many lesser detectors do, the STi Magnum is designed to have undetectable levels of RF radiation, keeping you unseen even by modern detector-detectors like Spectre and VG-2. Beltronics claims the Sti Magnum with Total Shield™ is completely undetectable with current radar detector-detector technology.

Another cool feature of the STi Magnum is the ability for the unit to warn of a high or low voltage condition, should the vehicles voltage drop below 10.5 volts or get above 16.5 volts.

Connected: Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector

There are nine programmable features built in, allowing customization of the display, the power up sequence, the alert lamp on the power plug, voice on/off, different display modes for threat information, brightness, and you can even turn individual bands on and off.

Installation is a snap, literally, with the convenient quick detach suction cup bracket included. The design of the bracket allows the suction cups to remain in place on the windshield, but the unit itself can quickly be removed and secured when you leave the car. Also included were a spare set of suction cups, and a very nice case to transport the Magnum in. Additional brackets are available, making the transfer of the unit from car to car quick and painless.

I compared the performance of the STi Magnum to a Passport 9500ix, and in 90% of the situations, the STi Magnum alerted even earlier than the already excellent 9500ix. This is a seriously high-performance radar detector, and has proven to have incredible range. On one occasion, the STi Magnum alerted me to a Ka-band photo radar setup almost 2 miles away.

With extraordinary sensitivity, sophisticated false alarm reduction circuitry and the ability to remain completely undetected, the Beltronics STi Magnum will quickly shoot to the top of the must-have list for many. Combine those features with the ease of installation and use, user customization and the ability to transfer it quickly from one vehicle to another, and I can see it being at the top of almost everyone’s radar detector wish list.

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