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    Moto IQ: Ken Block's Gymkhana 4 (Four) Video - Ford Fiesta
    Written by Eric Hsu | Moto IQ
    Since you Moto IQ readers care more about the substance than the hype, here are some specs on the latest and greatest Ken Block Hybrid Function Hoon Ford Fiesta before we get into Gymkhana Four (below). I have no idea what a Hoon is BTW. This is a "hybrid" car not because it has batteries and a electric motor, but rather because the car is designed to be multifunctional and can be quickly adapted for rallycross, gymkhana, and stage rallies. I don't know if it has a Monster, DC, Mobil 1, or Ford title sponsorship, but they all have big stickers all over the car.

    • Ford Fiesta WRC chassis, built by M-Sport
    • Ford "Ecoboost" 2.0L engine, 600bhp/665 ft-lbs max, built by PIPO Moteurs
    • Garrett TR30R turbocharger with 45mm restrictor
    • Brembo Monobloc WRC brakes (changed for different events)
    • Sadev 6 speed sequential transmission, transfer case, and rear end
    • Reiger WRC suspension (different damper/spring combos changed for different events)
    • Cosworth Electronics Pectel MQ12 ECU
    • Cosworth Electronics Pectel Hyllus power control module
    • Cosworth Electronics Pectel DB1-RSHE card logger
    • Cosworth Electronics Pectel MK4 RS Driver's dash
    • Cosworth Electronics MFD I/O display
    • Speedline forged wheels w/ Pirelli tires
    • Recaro Ultima WRC carbon fiber seat
    • Vehicle weight: 2755 lbs.
    • Built by the Monster World Rally Team
    fiesta1 fiesta2

    Read the rest of the article at Moto IQ