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Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

Our last article focused on the installation of TRD springs, which not only lowered the profile, but enhanced the handling and cornering performance of our project Scion iQ. With this simple performance upgrade done, it's time to move on to the exterior for some major modifications, including a full wrap from the highly-skilled professionals at

We've seen lots of other iQ builds and we want ours to stand out from the crowd. So, after outfitting the 2013 Scion iQ with a FIVE: AD four-piece aero kit, carbon fiber hood and trunk from Versus Motorsport as well as party fender flares, trunk and hood spoilers from Ibherdesign, in Toronto, Canada is applying the finishing touch with a custom vinyl wrap.

With the deadline for the Toronto Auto Show quickly approaching, the PASMAG team went into overdrive to get the car looking its best for its debut in the Scion Canada booth.

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

The first step was to get the many different body kit parts into the country. This included hours of arguing with customs officials on why they needed to clear our shipments, fast! With the parts finally in hand, our friends at CarAid Auto Collision took on the difficult task of installing the European body parts onto the North American iQ and, after some amazing effort, the car was ready for the intricate process of getting wrapped.

At first we thought the iQ should have a custom paint job, however, the amount of time required and the cost associated with this option didn't fit our tight timeline. We also wanted to be able to personalize and change the look of the iQ as the years roll on – we didn't want to commit to a particular color or paint scheme.

A custom vinyl wrapping offered the best solution for paint protection, color change and design. We chose from a large variety of colors and finishes; and, no longer was there a need to repaint the vehicle after the body kit had been installed.

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

We were initially concerned about protecting the original Scion paint, but the experts put us at ease. Vinyl is half the thickness of clear paint protection film and is easily wrapped around the most intricate parts of the iQ. It offers more than adequate protection from scratches, road debris and ultraviolet light.

We won't be removing the wrap anytime soon, but we're told the original paint finish will be in the same condition it was before the vinyl was applied when we are ready to change things up. A good vinyl wrap like this one can last five years or more with the proper care, so we have plenty of time to decide.

The vinyl was supplied by GT Graphix in El Paso, Texas and, at one point during the planning process, we thought we might wrap the car on our own. But, after watching the experts from first hand, we know that would've been a really bad idea. Not only did they save us time, they also used less material and delivered an amazing result.

With our custom kit and wrap installed, project iQ was ready for its debut. And, based on the reaction from the crowd, we're confident it stands out in any gathering.

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

Exterior Specs:
-Four-piece FIVE: AD aero kit

-Versus Motorsport carbon fiber hood

-Ibherdesign party fender flares, trunk spoiler, hood spoiler custom vinyl installation

-GT Graphix vinyl


Restyle It Ltd. –
CarAid Auto Collision –
MT Motorsport -

Five:AD –
Ibherdesign –
Versus Motorsport –

Project Scion iQ: Exterior Vinyl Wrap Install

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