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ImportFest BMW 645Ci: Stoptech Big Brake Upgrade

12. Install the fitting onto the OEM brake line and tighten it down. At the ending of the brake line to the caliper and torque down to 14 ft-pounds.

ImportFest BMW 645Ci: Stoptech Big Brake Upgrade

13. Connect the bleeder pump to the master cylinder and pump. Then, open up the bleeder valve to let the brake fluid escape and ensure there are no air bubbles in the brake lines. (This step should be done a few times).

Bed-In the Brakes

• Safely, and legally, bring the vehicle up to 100 km/h and brake firmly down to 10 km/h.

• Repeat this procedure 10 times in quick succession to get heat into the pads and rotors.


• Drive around to cool the brakes for 10 minutes without stopping.

• Repeat the 10 braking process steps followed by a cooling drive.

• You may repeat this a third time if desired.

ImportFest BMW 645Ci: Stoptech Big Brake Upgrade

Failure to bed-in the brakes will result in poor performance and uneven pad deposition onto the rotor which could result in vibration. Don’t worry about the smell during the Bed-In process – it’s completely normal!


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